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The Pits

There are many different Pits to fight are a few:

The Great Machine.

The Machine toils perpetually at some mysterious task, grinding gears and Thralls alike.  Jump in the works... don't forget the lube.  Slipping through the machinery to get to the enemy's sanctum is next to impossible in this Pit. How to break through? Well, the direct approach may work, but the spinning gadgets and pumping pistons may be a little more than your Thralls can handle. Perhaps there is another way to deal with these obstructions. Neutralizing the power source
might be an option, if you can find it. This thing doesn't run on copper-top batteries...or does it?


The Sacrifice Pit.

Thrown into a volcano's open maw to assuage some god's anger? Be glad. This altar will have you hoping for a dip in the lava.

First order of business; get across the lava moat. Simple enough, just activate the bridge.  There must be a switch around here somewhere. The central area of this Pit has some interesting features, including an altar-like billboard high above a lava-pit, and two 'dragons' jealously guarding a cash bonus. Getting around should be no problem. Let's hope those bull-headed blocks only blow smoke out of their nostrils.


The Mountain Temple.

Brrr. The North Wind blows, thunder roars and thralls run for cover amidst the Temple's ancient stones. You'll get...chills.  Better minds than yours have tried, and failed to decipher the symbols on the huge stones dominating this Neutral Zone. Try to get your Thralls through the Temple carefully, but don't stay FROZEN in one spot. The old ones are watching. In fact, you can almost see their FACES in the swirling symbols. Is it getting cold in here?   There is a billboard somewhere in this Pit, and that altar looks interesting.  I wonder if there is anything in... I mean around it?


The Coliseum.

The crackle of high voltage pierces the air. Watch your step as you cross; the results could be...shocking.  The walls separating you from the enemy's sanctum are extra tough; that's bad.  They both have doors; that's good. Once you're in, the doors may close; that's bad. Inside you may find a nice cash bonus; that's good. Getting the bonus may cost you.   It is raised and surrounded by an electrified floor, as well as high voltage electrodes which will go off unless deactivated in some way. Oh yeah, don't forget the enemy Thralls,
intent on your destruction; that's bad....Can I go now?


The Bombed City.

Make your way through the remains of a town being ravaged by mortar-fire.   Watch your step; this one's ...a blast.  Reaching the enemy Controller's sanctum will be a challenge. Craters dot the landscape, and shells of buildings stand in your way, as well as other types of shells...dangerous unexploded mortar rounds. Attacking these bombs will cause them to go off causing damage to units and blocks in the area. Alleys are blocked with dragon's teeth and someone is still taking intermittent potshots at the devastated city. The whistling of the shells through the air will be your warning. Luckily, the few remaining walls do provide some cover for your Thralls, and some protection for your own sanctum.


Live Ammo Range.

This isn't your mother's disco. Your Thralls will 'soul train' across the floor amongst the pretty lights...pretty deadly. If you are distracted by the flashing decor, you may find yourself in serious trouble.  This sunken Pit features a centrally-located 4-sided billboard as well as many unmanned automatic guns. The guns can be 'tagged' by having your Thralls 'use' them. Once tagged the guns will only fire at enemy thralls...until they 'tag' the guns, then the tables will be turned. The reinforced blast-walls offer some protection, but a Contender must be cautious when ordering Thralls out of the safety of the sanctum into the deadly LIVE AMMO RANGE.




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