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Whether itís the plasma guns, or the high roundhouse kicks, your Ghandros Thralls will be a sight to behold, and to beware. They can strike from far or near. Outfit your Sanctum with alloy and crude-force blocks. Complement bright data-beacons with high yield radiation traps, and watch your enemies glow with envy, as well as their Thralls. A Ghandros Horde is the perfect choice for you technophiles.

Ammo Dispenser Hit Points: 1500 Cost: 3000
A marvelous companion to the Plasma Launcher, this ammunition dispenser will supply you with countless hours of concussive crudeforce fun.

Block Hit Points: 3000 Cost: 6000
An object of metallurgical precision, this consistently uniform alloy cube will offer significant resistance to any possible enemy threat.

Data Beacon Hit Points: 3000 / 3000 Cost: 10000 / 8000
A throwback to the interstellar wars near Sunatrii Major, this detailed replica of an authentic R-class data relay beacon will be sure to impress even the most fastidious of spectators.

Floor Hit Points: 1500 Cost: 3000
A firmly extruded alloy plate for your basic needs in cost-effective flooring and roof design.

Floor Field Hit Points: 2250 Cost: 4500
An energon-rich, reamplified level plane of contained crudeforce that will safely span choice areas of your Sanctum.

Force Cube Hit Points: 4500 Cost: 9000
A perfectly bound and stabilized crudeforce cube. Powered by an ultra-capacity emitter, this vibrant force cube will offer maximum resistance to any possible enemy threat.

Force Ramp Hit Points: 2250 Cost: 5000
This graduated, cross-amplified crudeforce ramp will
allow your units access to a higher understanding.

Health Gizmo
An authentic Ghandros alloy reproduction centre in full working order that will reassemble and repair damaged units, at you expense of course.

Med Dispenser Hit Points: 1500 Cost: 3000
Caringly supplied by a self-replenishing Ghandrosi vivemission probe, this Medical Dispenser will no doubt aid in your fight for survival.

Mine Dispenser Hit Points: 1500 Cost: 3000
Armed with an affinity for surprising your unwanted guests, this handy Mine Dispenser will definitely offer you a means to startle and impress the crowd.

02 Emitter Hit Points: 3000 Cost: 14000
Tendering its own genuine microscopic nutrient garden, this realistic facsimile of an oxygen-emitting, self-contained vitamin supplement laboratory is a pleasure to behold.

Plasma Mortar Hit Points: 3000 Cost: 246000
Employing an accurate replica of the revolutionary Ghandros grav-turret, this powerful, free motion
crude force cannon will give your enemies something treacherous to contemplate (Thrall not included).

Proton Emitter Hit Points: 3000 Cost: 180000
This seemingly harmless, self-contained vitamin supplement laboratory is actually an external housing for a sleek proton emitter that will activate as soon as enemies enter within its detection radius..

Radiation Cube Hit Points: 3000 Cost: 180000
Designed to look exactly like a standard Ghandros Force Cube, this structure will actively detect enemy units passing by, who will invariably experience a blinding surge of lethal radiation.

Stationary Gun Hit Points: 3000 Cost: 174000
This fast acting pop-up laser turret will shower any approaching enemy units with a flurry of mini laser bursts; an excellent stationary defence for any Ghandros Sanctum.

Walls / Support Hit Points: 3000 Cost: 6000
Taller than it's girder counterpart, the Alloy Tower is crafted entirely from rigid alloy and is capable of supporting tremendous weight.

 [Ghandros Units] [Ghandros - Sanctum Objects]


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