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Hazard Team :: Voyager Crewmembers

Ensign Alexander Munro

Second in command of the Hazard Team, Alexander Munro was picked for his scouting and infiltration skills as well as his leadership and command ability. However Lieutenant Commander Tuvok considers him somewhat impulsive and reckless and requires some seasoning to become a successful leader of the Hazard Team. Proficient with both regulation and alien weapons, Munro is a successful tactician whatever the objective or environment.

Lieutenant Les Foster

Commander of the Beta security team, regarded to be the best aboard the USS Voyager, Lieutenant Foster was Tuvok's choice for leader of the Hazard Team. With an unwavering sense of duty and loyalty, as well as full knowledge of Starfleet regulations, he is a trusted officer to carry out the best interests of Starfleet on away missions. Although a capable leader of the team, Foster lacks a sense of humour that is shared amongst the team.

Crewman Telsia Murphy

With an unusual mastery over fear, Telsia Murphy is a stable member of the Hazard Team and a close friend on Ensign Munro. Proficient with many types of weaponry, especially long range weapons, Telsia is an excellent addition to the team and serves when needed as the Hazard Team's sniper. She also joins Munro as a scout on other missions.

Crewman Chell

A member of the Maquis resistance before being forced to join the Voyager crew, Chell is a Bolian with a excellent understanding of technology from all races. This skill has earned him the role as a field technican of the Hazard Team. Although reluctant to engage in combat situation, and often mocked by Crewman Biessman, Chell is a valuable member of the team in alien environments.

Crewman Austin Chang

A close friend of Ensign Munro, Austin Chang can be quite quiet and reserved when it comes to socialising with other members of the crew. Chang serves as the Hazard Team's demolitions expert, and is more than willing to turn large obstacles into tiny fragments. He is the member of choice when attempting to force entry into an enemy colony or structures.

Crewman Juliet Jurot

Although she is a full Betazoid, Juilet Jurot attended the Vulcan Science Academy where she learned to train her mental and telepathic powers. During this time she also trained in basic medicine, and therefore was a perfect candidate for field medic when the Hazard Team aboard Voyager. Loyal to her superiors and the Federation, Jurot puts the wellbeing of others above her own.

Crewman Rick Biessman

A former member of the Maquis before joining the Voyager crew, Rick Biessman is a highly skilled marksman and serves as the Hazard Team's heavy weapons specialist. He is arragonant and has a tendency to take pleasure in the defeat of his enemies, sometimes leading himself to take on unfavourable odds. However his skills are a vital asset to the success of Hazard Team missions.

Crewman Thomas Odell

A member of the Hazard Team Beta Squad, Thomas Odell is physically strong and skilled with most weapons making him a valuable scout for the team. He is a trained tactician and shows no fear or hesistation in combat, making him extremley reliable on missions. Odell is a friendly crewmember who is well liked by the rest of the Hazard Team.

Crewman Perfecto Oviedo

A member of the Hazard Team Beta Squad, Perfecto Oviedo also serves as the quartermaster for the Hazard Team, distributing weapons and also creating Holodeck simulations to test new weaponry recovered from alien environments. Oviedo is also responsible for modifying and enhancing weapons to be more effective for Hazard Team use.

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