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Expansion Pack

With the success of Star Trek Voyager Elite Force, Activision and Raven Software teamed up once again to bring an expansion to the game that allows you to add more to your game, including the ability to explore ten decks of the USS Voyager recreated with accuracy and detail so you can visit all your favourite locations from the show.

  • Virtual Voyager Mode - explore ten decks of the USS Voyager an explore locations such as the Bridge, Mess Hall and Astrometrics. Interact with consoles and the crew to get a variety of responses and events.

  • Over twenty new multiplayer maps including deathmatch and capture the flag.

  • Five new multiplayer game modes to add more variety to games.

  • New character models for use in multiplayer, including Captain Proton and Janeway as a Borg drone.

  • Five new single player missions including a Captain Proton adventure and a Borg Slayer game.

  • Add to your inventory the Captain Proton gun, and a fully working Tricorder to scan your surroundings!

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