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Hazard Team :: Enterprise Crewmembers

Lieutenant Alexander Munro

Originally considered too reckless by Lieutenant Commander Tuvok, when the team were formed aboard the USS Voyager, Munro has proven himself a skilled and capable leader of the Hazard Team, but is also very willing to undertake dangerous mission objectives on his own. Initially an infiltration specialist for the team, Munro was assigned to teach small unit tactics to cadets at Starfleet Academy after Voyager's return to Earth.

Ensign Telsia Murphy

Second in command of the Hazard Team, Telsia Murphy is proficient with long range weaponry and an excellent sniper. She has close affections to her superior, Lieutenant Munro, but is able to keep her emotions under control while on missions. Much to her objections, Telsia was transferred after returning to Earth, and was assigned to lead the security force aboard the USS Dallas.

Ensign Chell

A member of the Maquis resistance before being forced to join the Voyager crew, Chell is a Bolian with a excellent understanding of technology from all races. This skill has earned him the role as a field technican of the Hazard Team, and has allowed him to improve the effectiveness of Federation weapons. Although reluctant to engage in combat situation, Chell is a valuable member of the team in alien environments.

Ensign Austin Chang

A close friend of Lieutenant Munro, Austin Chang can be quite quiet and reserved when it comes to socialising with other members of the crew. Chang serves as the Hazard Team's demolitions expert, and is more than willing to turn large obstacles into tiny fragments. He is the member of choice when attempting to force entry into an enemy colony or structure.

Ensign Juliet Jurot

Although she is a full Betazoid, Juilet Jurot attended the Vulcan Science Academy where she learned to train her mental and telepathic powers. During this time she also trained in basic medicine, and therefore was a perfect candidate for field medic when the Hazard Team aboard Voyager. Loyal to her superiors and the Federation, Jurot puts the wellbeing of others above her own.

Crewman Kourban

Kourban is a Klingon who was impressed by Starfleet's actions in the Dominion War and therefore enrolled at Starfleet Academy, where he caught the eye of Professor Alexander Munro. When the Hazard Team was reformed aboard the Enterprise, he was immediatley picked for the role of heavy weapons expert. As a Klingon he performs exceptionally on the battlefield and is well trained with the Klingon Batleth sword.

Lieutenant Jorge Gonzales

Gonzales was one of the crewmembers from the USS Dallas who was evacuated to the Attrexian Space Station when the starship came under attack by the Exomorphs. After helping Lieutenant Munro help save the Attrexians on the station, he returned to the Enterprise where an impressed Munro requested his transfer to the Hazard Team as a covert operations expert.

Ensign Sydney Stockman

A recent graduate from Starfleet Academy, Sydney was the leader of the famous Nova Squadron and quickly earned recognition as a highly skilled shuttle pilot. This skill earned her a transfer to the Enterprise where she was soon assigned to the Hazard Team as their pilot on missions where transporter use is unavaliable.

Ensign Jack Franklin

When the Hazard Team was reformed aboard the USS Enterprise, Captain Picard assigned one of his crewmembers, Jack Frankin to the team as part of their support squad. An expert on Excelsior class starships, Franklin was a natural choice to join the mission to investigate the adrift USS Dallas.

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