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Weapon One

Phaser is an acronym for PHASed Energy Rectification. This sidearm is commonly used by all Starfleet personnel in both security matters and on away missions. The Phaser emits an energy beam that knocks out a target and continually recharges itself. It can fire either a narrow beam, or a wide area beam, the latter using up more weapon energy.

Compression Rifle
Weapon Two

On more hazardous missions, Starfleet officers carry the Compression Rifle as a greater source of firepower. The rifle fires pulses of a similar but more powerful type to the Phaser in a tight beam. The Compression Rifle also fires a more deadly and silent sniper shot, which requires more energy but can be very effective on infiltration missions.

Infinity Modulator
Weapon Three

One of the greatest tactical advantages of Borg Drones is the ability to adapt to the modulations alien weaponry, making them useless. To combat this, Voyager crewman Seven of Nine designed the Infinity Modulator (or I-Mod), which infinitly changes the modulation of the weapon so that the Borg cannot adapt.

Scavenger Rifle
Weapon Four

A product of combined technology by the Scavengers, the Scavenger Rifle fires rapid pulses of energy at a target from medium to short range. A more energy costly alternative fire of the rifle are energy grenades, a wide area shot that is capable of knocking out multiple targets without the need for precise accuracy.

Stasis Weapon
Weapon Five

A mysterious weapon found aboard the Etherian ship, the Stasis Weapon mimics the technology behind the stasis system the Etherians use aboard their ship. The primary fire of the weapon fires a pulse which can 'freeze' a target in stasis for a short period, and after repeated hits, will die. The secondary fire emits five seperate pulses, having the same effect.

Grenade Launcher
Weapon Six

A heavy weapon used in the Federation, the grenade launcher fires energy grenades capable of injuring and incapacitating any targets caught within it's area of effect. While the launcher primarily fires time delayed genades, 'sticky' grenades can also be fired which stick to a floor or wall and detonate once a target passes within range of it.

Tetryon Gatling Gun
Weapon Seven

Possibly of Hirogen design, the Tetryon Gatling Gun was used by the Hirogen Alpha aboard the Scavenger Base. This wide area effect gun fires rotating rapid pulses at enemy targets, whilst the alternative fire is a single pulse that can deflect off objects until it hits a target or it's energy dissipates in transport.

Photon Burst
Weapon Eight

The Photon Burst is a heavy weapon rarely used in the Federation as it fires highly powerful and energy costing micro Photon Torpedoes, a smaller type than the ones used in starship defense. Aimed at a target, it will almost certainly vaporise them, while aiming at the ground proves to be an effective wide area effect on multiple targets.

Arc Welder
Weapon Nine

Primarily designed as a energy repair and maintenence tool, the Arc Welder was found aboard the Dreadnought Gunship and proved to be an effective weapon in rendering targets unconcious, either by using the less powerful, tighter primary fire or the more powerful wider area effect of the secondary fire.

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