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USS Voyager

The USS Voyager is a Federation starship under the command of Captain Kathryn Janeway which became stranded in the Delta Quadrant on stardate 48315.6, and has set a course back home. The Hazard Team was formed to tackle the more dangerous assignments during the ship's voyage, and were immediatley put into action when Voyager was transported and trapped within The Forge.

Etherian Ship

Originally thought by the Voyager crew to have been abandoned, it was later learned that the Etherians lived in stasis and were travelling to a new home when they became trapped within The Forge. The ship also contains numerous remarkable 'Fireflys' which automatically repair damaged systems. The Hazard Team were initially sent over to the Etherian ship to discover more information about The Forge from the computer databanks.

Scavenger Base

The Scavengers are actually a loose alliance of Terrans, Klingons, Malons and Hirogen who band together to raid other ships within The Forge for supplies. Their base of operations actually comprises of a Malon waste vessel, a Hirogen warship, a Klingon Bird of Prey and a Constitution - class starship belonging to the Terran Empire. The Hazard Team infiltrated the base to try and acquire Isodesium which could power Voyager's systems within The Forge.

Borg Cube

Possibly the most feared race in the galaxy, the Borg utilize massive vessels to assimilate other races into their collective. The largest of the vessels is the Borg Cube, which can hold over 10,000 Borg Drones. A damaged Borg Cube was pulled into The Forge with a number of Species 8472 aboard, and after stealing the Isodesium that Voyager required, the Hazard Team were sent over to the ship to retrieve it.

Dreadnought Gunship

The Dreadnought Gunship is a giant weapon ship constructed by an unknown alien race. The vessel is powered by many different types of robots, from warrior bots to flying scout bots, and was probably designed to be used as part of a war before being trapped within The Forge. When a Harvester Ship is sent by The Forge to disassemble Voyager, the Hazard Team is sent aboard the ship to aim and fire it's weapon at the approaching Harvesters.

The Forge

The central structure of The Forge is a partially constructed space station which manufactures genetically engineered warriors such as the Harvesters to become the perfect warrior race, named the Vorsoth from the DNA of races which it traps within it's dampening field. The Hazard Team lead a dangerous mission into The Forge to lower the dampening field in the area so that all the traps ships can escape, and Voyager can return on her journey.

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