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Holodeck 5

Originally, when the site launched on 3D Action Planet it was named Holodeck 5. Launched in the early days of Star Trek Voyager Elite Force in 2000. The site had extensive mod coverage for the original game, and then for the expansion pack with news of all the latest maps, skins and modification projects in the community.

With announcement of the sequel, Star Trek Elite Force II in early 2002, the site was totally revamped in order to cover the new game and report on all the latest news a revealed features from the game. News and reports on the game was kept up-to-the-minute while the anticipation of what to expect from the sequel of the amazing original mounded.

Star Trek Gaming Universe

In late 2002, a new innovative site opened in the Star Trek gaming community, the Star Trek Gaming Universe (formerly known as the Trek Universe Network, or TUN) with the goal of bringing sites in the community together by it's pool of resources, centralised forums and a brand new news system to serve all sites. It wasn't long before Holodeck 5 was honoured to join the party to become the network's core site for coverage of the Elite Force series of games, joining the likes of Bridge Commander Universe, Armada Universe and Starfleet Universe.

Elite Force Universe

In 2003 ownership of Holodeck 5 was handed to Nightsoft, under the direct guidance of Raven Night. The need for a change of name to suit Nightsoft's extensive line of owned sites as well as to match other Universe sites on STGU prompted the new name of Elite Force Universe, which continued the same dedicated coverage to the community.

Now, after the release of Star Trek Elite Force II the site has been revamped and cleaned up once again to cover the Elite Force community into the future, as well as providing a complete reference to both titles.

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