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Official Releases

  • Version 1.20 Patch
    Update your game to version 1.2 to eliminate various bugs in game and for a better multiplayer experience. Also includes the single-player voice pack for Seven of Nine by the actress Jeri Ryan.

  • Single Player Demo
    Try out the gameplay of Star Trek Voyager Elite Force in this short snippet from the single player story in the game.

  • Multiplayer Demo
    Try out Star Trek Voyager Elite Force online with limited game and gameplay options to get a taste of what fragging is like in game.

  • Software Development Kit
    Create new game level maps in EFRadient and have support for modding all aspects of the game at your fingertips with this free software pack.

  • Single Player Source Code
    See how Raven Software scripted all your favourite single player maps and try and recreate them for yourself.

  • Multiplayer Source Code
    Take a look at the code behind the official multiplayer maps with the game to aid you in creating your own.

  • EFRadient Tutorial
    Want to start making your own maps but don't know where to start? This basic tutorial will get you on the right road.


  • 'The Cage' TOS Skin Pack
    From veteran skin maker Toonloon comes this skin pack for Elite Force based on Star Trek's very first episode. Contains Captain Pike, Mr Spock and several other crewmembers.

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