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Elite Force Universe has been one of the longest running Elite Force community websites, and due to our location of the GameSpy Network, we can offer you an appealing and completley free hosting package with us. Please note that we can only host sites related to Elite Force I & II, such as mapping, skins, model and scripting sites. We are not looking for clan sites or site with general info on the games.

Have a read of what we offer:

Webspace & Bandwidth

You will get everything you need here at Elite Force Universe as we will give you unlimited webspace on the GameSpy servers. Also all files you have will be hosted on the network's very own FilePlanet site and can be downloaded from anywhere around the world. As for bandwidth, GameSpy's very own 60 megabit T3 servers will make sure you get all you need.


You have come to the right place for getting your site noticed. Elite Force Universe will put a spotlight on your site's launch on our servers and will make sure everyone hears about the big breaking news and releases from your site!

Also as a member of the GameSpy Network, you are entitled to add your own banner to the rotation system that can been seen at the top of every page across hosted sites - which means your site can be noticed by browsers all over the network at any place and any time!


Help, support and communication is covered at GameSpy. You will be added to the GameSpy and Elite Force Universe mailing lists to make sure you are up to date with the latest happenings and also giving you an easy means to get support. There is also of course GameSpy's very own hosted sites support service where your queries will get answered in less than 72 hours.

You can have an unlimited amount of e-mail addresses created for your web site team, and your very own mailing list in order to stay in contact with each other. Furthermore the ability to create chat rooms and events in GameSpy Arcade will provide another place to get together and get your voice heard in the community.

Dynamic Scripts

Worried that you won't be able to use your latest cool asp, php or perl scripts? We have them all supported on our servers so no problem!


Here at Elite Force Universe we want dedicated teams of people behind our hosted teams to provide an original and updated resource for the community. This doesn't mean you need a top looking website that is updated every day, but the important feature is the content you are offering.

Also, as with all GameSpy website, we need you to display the banner rotation on the top of every page of your site, so other network sites can get promotion and traffic just like yours. Don't worry however, the code is given to you and can be copied and pasted into your pages easily.


So you want to join us here at Elite Force Universe. We require that you publish your website in it's current form somewhere temporarily so we can see what you are offering. Examples of free hosts are Geocities or Tripod.

Then just drop us a line, and we can get started!

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