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The Borg are a force unamtched in the Galaxy. The race is comprised of 'Drones', all of whome belonged to different species but were assimilated into the Borg Collective after their ship or planet were attacked. The Borg's ultimate goal is to achieve perfection by assimilating the knowledge and skills of other cultures. A feature of Borg Drones making them extra formidable are their adaptable shielding, allowing them to become invulnerable to enemy weaponry.


Warp capable with planets spanning several star systems both side of the Romulan Neutral Zone, the Attrexians are a mining race who remain neutral with all major empires in order to secure trading agreements, trading their minerals for new technology. These types of trade agreements have left the Attrexian Society based on a mixmatch of technology, not all of which is understood by Attrexian engineers.


All that remains of an ancient star empire, the Idryll have been incorporated as a labour class on Attrexian worlds, ranging from scientific minds to formidable warriors. Although most Idryll are happy with their role in Attrexian society, some believe that myths of their age old superiority means that Attrexian worlds are rightfully theres, and have set out to ancient ruins to find proof.


Appearing almost out of nowhere, the Exomorphs began an overwhelming attack on ships, stations and planets in Attrexian space. All communication attempts have failed and there seems to be no end to their slaughter. With variations of these aliens being from small lurkers to large commanders, the Exomorphs sport claws and some even have the ability to spit venom, making them a dangerous opponent at short range.


An offshoot from the Vulcan people, the Romulan Star Empire is surrounded in secrecy and has a history of being aggressive but non confrontational towards the Federation. Although the Dominion War saw the two powers come together as allies, and the Enterprise's key role in the Reman incident earnt the respect of many key Romulan figures, many factions in military still believe that the Federation cannot be trusted.


The Klingon Empire is an age old race of warriors who share borders with both the Federation and Romulans. During the Dominion War, both the Klingon Empire and Federation earned each other alot of respect and have since been close allies. Despite this, some Klingons, who are not part of the military and are not loyal to the High Council have been known to be aggressive towards the Federation.


First contact with the Andorians was made in the mid 22nd century when the paranoid race were at a heightened state of tension with the Vulcans. Andoria was actually one of the Federation's founding members, but many Andorians prefer lives as mercenaries, and are not unwilling to pick or join a fight out in the frontier, whether it involves Federation members or not.

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