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USS Enterprise-E

Flagship of the Federation fleet, the USS Enterprise-E, and her captain, Jean-Luc Picard have become legendary. Two years after returning to Earth aboard the USS Voyager, the majority of the Hazard Team are assigned to the Enterprise as she embarks on another adventure along the outer fringes of Federation space.

Borg Sphere

Although not the largest ship of the Borg armada, the Borg Sphere can hold thousands of Borg Drones and is a formidable opponent to most ships of the galaxy. While using a Borg Transwarp Hub to return to the Alpha Quadrant, the USS Voyager becomes trapped inside one of these vessels and the Hazard Team are sent aboard to disable the dampening field so that Voyager can escape.

Starfleet Academy

On a beautiful site located in San Fransico, Starfleet Academy is where all Starfleet officers and crewmen train before entering active duty. After the USS Voyager's return to Earth, the Hazard Team are disbanded by a Functionary who also assigns Lieutenant Munro to teach small unit tactics to cadets at Starfleet Academy.

USS Dallas

An Excelsior - class Federation starship, the USS Dallas has been a long serving starship within the fleet. Former Hazard Team member Telsia Murphy was assigned to the ship after returning to Earth. While within Attrexian space, the Dallas was attacked by unknown aliens. The Hazard Team investigated the vessel to learn that most of the crew had been evacuated and the captain killed.

Attrexian Space Station

The Attrexians are a race with a small area of space along the Federation/Romulan Neutral Zone. One of their outposts was used to evacuate the crew of the USS Dallas when the ship became attacked by unknown alien attackers. However, shortly after the station fell under attack also, and when the Enterprise responded to their distress call, the Hazard Team went aboard to assist the Attrexian crew and repel the alien invaders.

Idryll Ruins

Located on a remote planet in Attrexian space, these ruins suggest a once powerful Idryll civilization. Tracked to be the source of the alien attacks on both the USS Dallas, and the Attrexian space station, the Hazard Team are sent to investigate, where they find Idryll researchers have activated an ancient genetic engineering factory producing Exomorphs.

Attrexian Colony

Housing a colony and major manufacturing plant for the Attrexians, this planet comes under attack by the Exomorphs who wipe out the planet's security force and many of it's population. The Hazard Team is sent to the planet to render assistance and protect the Attrexians at all costs, while trying to learn where the attacks are being co-ordinated.

Aldor III

An inhospitable planet within Attrexian space, Aldor III is the site of another Exomorph factory responsible for the attack on the Attrexian colony, Lieutenant Munro sets off to find Krindo, the rouge Idryll behind the attacks as well as to put a stop to them.

Mercenary Starbase

An old decomissioned K7 class Klingon starbase commanded by a dishonored Klingon warrior, the station provides a call-in port for Human, Klingon and Andorian mercenaries. When it is learned that a master control facility for the Exomorphs exists, Munro and Krindo go aboard the station to locate Omag, a Ferengi who holds the key to it's whereabouts.

Romulan Outpost

Located on an icy planet is a secret Romulan installation lead by a rouge commander who has control of the master control facility for the Exomorphs. With the help of a Romulan informant, Lieutenant Munro and Ensign Gonzales enter the installation in disguise in order to learn more about the location of the master control facility.

Tolochon II

The home of the master control facility, Tolochon II is a planet deep within the Romulan Neutral Zone inhospitable to all life forms with it's extreme climate conditions and lava flows. Annexed by a rouge Romulan faction who intend to use the facility to take control of the Romulan Star Empire, the Hazard Team assault the facility in an attempt to stop the Exomorph threat to the quadrant once and for all.

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