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Hitman 2: Silent Assassin has been out for a while now, so it's about time for HitmanHQ to provide you, yet again, with the most comprehensive and useful walkthroughs available. Hitman 2 provides a completely new challenge for us, and this won't be a normal walkthrough by any means.

This is an extremely extensive game, and there is no simple route through the whole of it. What you will find here is a guide to what we think is the most interesting path through the game. You will also find suggested weapon load-outs for competent completion of the levels, interesting points about the levels, and a selection of points which, for the more adventurous of you, are worth investigation. You will also see some recommended save points for your game, mostly to save new players repeating large portions of the game. Since we are doing the game on the "Normal" setting, we have 7 saves at our disposal, though as a general rule, we will only use a few of them.

What you will not find in this guide is:

1) A guide to getting Silent Assassin on every level. This is definitely one of the harder sides to Hitman 2, and is something that you should only attempt if you are either a very good Hitman player, or have already completed the game once. It is certainly not the most interesting way to complete the game, and trying to finish the game at this level on a first run would mean missing out on much of the rich detail that can be seen around the levels. This is not to say that it doesn't have its rewards, but it is something that we shall cover in a later series.

2) An exhaustive guide on finishing Hitman 2 using every possible pathway. There are many levels where there are multiple pathways through the levels. To make things even more interesting, many of these paths are interchangeable at different points of the levels, giving an extremely wide variety of potential solutions. To list all of these would be extraordinarily time consuming, and would also remove from the potential replay value that the game has. If you want to find out more about other ways of completing a specific level, check out the selections of interesting points and collectables listed at the end of each level walkthrough.

Walkthrough: Sicily
47's mentor and friend, Father Vittorio, is kidnapped at the hands of the Sicilian Mafia, and they want 500 grand in ransom. Unfortunately for them, 47 donated all his blood money to the church. The contents of a little package in the garden shed should be enough to settle the score, however. Looks like it's time to dig up the past...
[Click Here]
Walkthrough: St. Petersburg
He gave Agency an inch and they took a mile. In return for information as to Father Vittorio's wherabouts, 47 must complete a small assignment for his former employers. This small assignment quickly evolves into four assassinations and a rather hairy run-in with a Spetznaz agent. Button up your coat - we're heading north.
[Click Here]
Walkthrough: Japan
Diana and Agency sure are sorry to disturb 47's "peace" in Sicily, but they aren't afraid to lay on the next assignment pretty thick. This time our hitman will be heading into the wilds of Central Japan to eliminate an arms dealer and recover a missile guidance system from his castle. There's only one catch: 47 has to find him first.
[Click Here]
Walkthrough: Malaysia
Warm comforts of the Malaysian city-scape are a welcome change from the blistery Japanese wilderness. It's too bad the work hasn't gotten any easier. This time Agency calls in 47 to eliminate a powerful hacker who has his hands on a important piece of missile defense software. Big deal. After all, he's only one guy, right?
[Click Here]
Walkthrough: Nuristan
Agency is pulling 47 from one extreme to the next. When will it stop? After a bitterly cold romp through Central Japan, and a quick stop in Malaysia, it's off to the windswept deserts of the Middle East. Agency's clients have their eyes on an important piece of cargo, and its up to 47 to assassinate its captors and retrieve the merchandise.
[Click Here]
Walkthrough: India
How can you help those who can't help themselves? This "cargo" has become quite the thorn in Agency's side, and 47 is hopelessly stuck in the middle. After a successful retrieval in Nuristan, the nukes have fallen into the hands of a mysterious Indian cult, and Agency is sending its top employee to clean things up once again.
[Click Here]
Walkthrough: Endgame
The jig is up. Sergei has carefully manipulated Agency into eliminating every person with knowledge of the nuclear warhead theft. But there's one target remaining: 47 himself. Sergei knows he's next on Agency's hitlist, and he also knows who will be coming for him. The trap is set - it's only a question of who will take the bait.
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