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Walkthrough Part 1: Hong Kong Sublevels
Snipers, car bombs, and shootouts - At last, the Hitman HQ walkthrough has begun. Part 1 covers the three "pre-missions" in Hong Kong. Coming next: the Lee Hong Assassination. [Click Here]

Walkthrough Part 2: Lee Hong Assassination
Slip past an army of guards completely unoticed, and assassinate the most important man in Hong Kong - using only a piano wire. Coming next: the Columbia Sub-levels.
[Click Here]

Walkthrough Part 3: The Colombia Sublevels
Prepare to engage hoards of enemies, find your way through a disorienting environment, and complete plenty of tricky tasks - Not to mention the fact that all equipment has to be carried over from mission to mission. Tread carefully... Coming next: Say Hello to my Little Friend.
[Click Here]

Walkthrough Part 4: Say Hello to my Little Friend
Hola Honcho! Assassinate a Colombia drug lord, blow up his underground crack lab, and escape in his very own plane. But don't mind the legion of guards waiting to stop you. Coming next: Traditions of the Trade.
[Click Here]

Walkthrough Part 5: Traditions of the Trade
Budapest. And the Thermal Bath Hotel. What a classy looking place, and well guarded too. It's time to look sharp and concentrate - a good thing I brought my suit. Coming Next: Gunrunner's Paradise.
[Click Here]

Walkthrough Part 6: Gunrunner's Paradise
Strippers, gangsters, and warehouse shootouts - it's Rotterdam Harbor at its best. Hitman is on the trail of a notorious arms smuggler, but a little research is needed first. A GPS transmitter should do the trick. Coming Next: Plutonium Runs Loose.
[Click Here]

Walkthrough Part 7: Plutonium Runs Loose
The notorious arms dealer has a little trick up his sleeve - packaged as a volatile nuclear missile. But when Boris decides to arm the nuke and escape in his limo, there may be a little surprise wired into the starter. Coming Next: The Final Chapter.
[Click Here]

Walkthrough Part 8: The Final Chapter
Hitman's thrilling climax begins in "The Setup" as our protagonist is led closer to the details of his startling past. Then in "Meet Your Brother," the Hitman comes face to face with the truth, and the evil mind behind his very existance.
[Click Here]

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Three men. Three guns. Only one will live to kill another day. Check out the final installment of Excal's Hitman: The Agency screenplay. [click]

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"The Hitman uses all manner of wit, charm, and needless violence in his quest to escape the Sanitarium." [click]

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