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If killing for hire doesn't quite grab you, try the next best thing: Help out with a fan website dedicated to a series of computer and console action games based on the hitman profession! Sure, you may rake in 50-grand for knocking off a Mafia crime boss, but does that really compare to the satisfaction you would receive from providing Hitman fans with the info and entertainment they crave? If you answered yes, you would be correct. But then again, killing people just isn't cool.

So, down to business. The following volunteer positions are currenty open:

No Positions Currently Open

Ok, so you've got what it takes, and are ready to apply? Send and e-mail to hitman@3dactionplanet.com, along with a description of any previous website experience you have (examples of work are great), and a short paragraph answering the following question: Why is Hitman a great game?

Applications will be accepted until all positions are filled. Good luck!

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Three men. Three guns. Only one will live to kill another day. Check out the final installment of Excal's Hitman: The Agency screenplay. [click]

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"The Hitman uses all manner of wit, charm, and needless violence in his quest to escape the Sanitarium." [click]

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