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The Hitman Headquarters is dedicated to providing gamers the best information and Hitman-related entertainment on the internet. Founded in October, 2000, HitmanHQ has grown from a small webpage to the premier Web destination for Hitman fans, and is committed to continual growth as the Hitman franchise further expands.

Michael "Tech21" Calfee - Site Director

One rainy October day, a bored college student decided to surf on over to now-defunct DailyRadar.com and check out latest game demos. There he discovered the newest release was a little-publicized third-person action game called Hitman: Codename 47. The next four hours of his life were spent trying to accomplish the single mission provided in the demo, and oddly, they were the greatest four hours of his life (Well, almost). Tech21 had found Hitman, and being the fansite whore that he is, the only logical step was to create "The Hitman Source," which would later shack up with 3DActionPlanet to become HitmanHQ.

When not busy rearranging the site design, he's scanning the 'Net for every last drop of Hitman news, writing insightful and wannabe-humorous feature articles, mailbags, and sorting incoherent e-mails. And he loves every minute of it! You can also find some of his written handiwork on 3DActionPlanet.com.

Mike "The Button Man" Pearce - Content Production

The Button Man hails from jolly ol' England, and when not busy laying down funky grooves, his other keyboard stays hot pounding out walkthroughs and game guides. He's also responsible for several of the wallpapers you'll find in the files section.

"Blank" - Staff Writer

Blank is a cosmopolitan citizen of the world, if the world in this case consisted of no more than Europe and Western Asia. His main activities other than contract homicide include being a part-time philosopher and psychologist, specialising in nihilism of the severe kind, and occasionally dabbling in a little behaviourism at the weekend. He hopes one day to replicate the famous 'Pavlov's Dogs'. His main claim to fame was [deleted by government order]. Other than that he has also composed article(s) for the HitmanHQ website. Donít bother emailing him. Heís aphonic.

Magnus "Blasfemi" Ballari - Piece of the Action Editor

In the land where people are blonde, the weather is cold and the booze is expensive (that would be Sweden for all you non-metaphorical people) we find Blasfemi. He holds one of the key roles in the HHQ Staff, with tasks ranging from updating the POTA gallery to as far as updating the POTA on the main page. He's pretty much you average acne infested, apathetic, slightly overweight computer geek, with walking his big, furry dog as his only steady exercise. He studies the wide spectra of media, and every Wednesday he hosts a show at the local radio station. Other interests are illegal art, film science, writing everthing from poetry to ransom letters, philosophing over the decay of all humanity and, in connection with the latter, getting completely shitfaced. Mail him if you're cute.

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