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By: The Button Man

This guide offers general tips for successfully executing missions. For specific explanations of each level, refer to the walkthrough.

Planning the Mission

- Info Available

Although they tend not to give you in depth analysis of the upcoming mission, they usually do give you enough to get by. There are often hints about the charater's involved, and their 'mood', which can give you an advantage - so, read it all carefully.

- Map

Take a good look at the map before going out on a mission. Although it doesn't always give you a good idea of the size of a level, it does often point out items of interest, such as Waypoints (beginning/end), objectives, and items such as weapons caches.

- Weapon Load

It's well worth thinking carefully about which weapons you want to buy at weapon load out, since it has an important bearing on how you will play the upcoming mission. Of course, the first temptation is to take everything that you can, but you'll quickly realise that money run's short pretty fast, especially since you need to buy new weapons for every mission. So your choice must be careful, and informed.

To start with, you should always take the piano wire. It's cheap and effective, and should never be missed out. The silenced Beretta (92 SD) is also a weapon that should usually be taken, desipte the fact that it is by no means the most powerful handgun. Even if you're only going in for a sniper hit, it gives you solid, fast and quiet backup, just in case something does go wrong. Also advisable is the Kevlar Vest. Although many shy away from this, it's relatively cheap and, again, if something goes wrong, it can keep you alive long enough to rectify your errors!

The rest of your weapon load depends very much on the mission you're playing. You should base your choice on the type of mission, the characteristics of the weapons, and what you're likely to face. The basic form of the weapons is this. Handguns are small, easily concealed, and accurate at close to medium ranges. The common choice is between the Beretta 92 SD (less accurate at medium-long range), the Hardballer (general all round handgun) and the Desert Eagle (massive stopping power, but stupidly loud!). The Semi-Automatics are fast firing weapons (e.g. Uzi), concealable, but not exactly accurate above a short range. Assault Rifles (e.g. AK-47) are far more accurate than the Semi-Auto's, and pack a decent punch. However, you can not conceal them.

The Sniper Rifles are High Velocity rifles, with magnified scope, to allow long distance hits. Most interesting here is the 'Blaser' R93, since it comes with it's own, stylish, briefcase, allowing you to carry it freely through the levels. However, it does take a few moments to set up. Finally, the Shotgun - extremely high powered at close range, but useless beyond that. Can send people flying if used correctly :)


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