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September 10, 2001

Hitman Half-life Interview
In the wake of Edit4o7 and the upcoming Hitman sequel, a team of modders are hard at work on a Half-life mod based in the Hitman universe. Combining gameplay elements of the original with a host of new features, Hitman Half-life hopes to offer up a fresh dose of what Hitman fans crave. Rogue Bee recently caught up with team leader Matt Swartz for a chat.
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April 27, 2001

Io-Interactive Speaks
After months of haggling e-mails, bribes, and middle of the night prank calls, HitmanHQ has finally tracked down some definate answers to your longing questions. Jens Peter Kurup stops by again to talk about Hitman 2, the new engine, gives an official statement on the editor, and the story behind the Hitman's infamous bar-code.
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December 20, 2000

Exclusive: Interview with IO-Interactive
Hitman HQ talks to Jens Peter Kurup, lead animator at IO, about the control system, the Glacier engine, the fan community, and what it takes to accurately portray a modern hitman.
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Three men. Three guns. Only one will live to kill another day. Check out the final installment of Excal's Hitman: The Agency screenplay. [click]

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