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July 14, 2002
"In his search for the golden idol the Hitman finally realizes technology is a bitch." [click]

May 12, 2002
"Finally, confirmation that the SWAT team is just as dumb as we all imaged." [click]

January 28, 2002
"When assassination is on the day's agenda, make sure you use the restroom before leaving the hotel..." [click]

August 25, 2001
"Never let a 6-foot bald bellboy into your room - no matter how stupid he looks." [click]

July 29, 2001
"The Hitman finishes the job and discovers just how easy it is to steal a speedboat when the keys are left in the ignition." [click]

July 12, 2001
"Big name crime bosses are tough to access... especially when guarded by a 400-pound ox in a bath robe." [click]

June 29, 2001
"The Hitman guns down the local police chief and wonders, "Why are Hong Kong bartenders such a-holes?" [click]

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Three men. Three guns. Only one will live to kill another day. Check out the final installment of Excal's Hitman: The Agency screenplay. [click]

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"The Hitman uses all manner of wit, charm, and needless violence in his quest to escape the Sanitarium." [click]

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