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What do the French think of Golden Axe?  Who cares!

A more worldly person could translate this for you... I'm not that person.  But, reader Andy is.  He provides the following translation:

Stooooooop! Drop everything! There are messing with us! Golden Axe on CD-Rom is a true disaster! Without doubt, you already know that itís a game that was initially developed by Sega. And NEC isnít Sega, get it? A Sega game using a PC Engine isnít a game, itís actually an anti-game. Iíll explain myself: an anti-game is a game thatís destined to destroy the stability of the machine that itís programmed for, the PC Engine in this case.  

Iíll go deeper on explaining this for Golden Axe. From the start, you have the choice between three valuable warriors, each one with particular developed physics. All the characters on the screen are small Ė badly animated- the scrolling is unbelievable lagging, only the music on the CD-Rom and the animated intro save the game a little bit. Golden Axe is, using the PC Engine, a true catastrophe. You canít say it enough, and thatís a pity.







Golden Axe on IBM

Golden Axe on the IBM

No screen shots for this one.  Death Adder invades the IBM, proving once again that Golden Axe's ultimate goal is the universal acceptance of everyone.

Many different versions came out on the PC depending on when you bought it.  Here is the text found on the back of one of the boxes that summarizes the "epic" battle:

"The Golden Axe Takes on a Horrible New Cast... The Death Adder and his evil forces have invaded Yuria, imprisoned the king and his daughter and stolen the legendary golden axe. Only the three heroes of Yuria have the strength to stop the ruthless tyrant and regain the throne. Tyris-Flare, a beautiful and powerful amazon, has summoned her fire magic to eliminate the Adder and his orphan-making fiends. Gilius-Thunderhead rumbles and tumbles to the scene with his astonishing combination of lightning power and gymnastic skills. And the Axe Battler, who has a personal bone to pick with the evil Adder, has sharpened his giant sword for battle. YOU must choose which challenger to send into the dreaded path of the Death Adder... A Shadow of Evil Cloaks the People of Yuria... The once idyllic Eagle Island has been transformed into a real bird of prey, trapping the good Yurians in its infested feathers. Fearless Skeleton Swordsmen slash through the mangy battlefield, hunting down Adder's enemies. Meanwhile, Twin Brutes and Lizard Women spread their horror in the once prosperous Turtle Village. The precocious Death Adder Jr. throws knots of electricity from the palace door, barring entrance to the stolen throne. Your weapons range from razor-sharp swords to curtains of fire. You can even joust with your foes on the back of a bizarrian -- stolen from an un-saddled Adder fiend! Remember, one dose of magic can wipe away an acre of evil. For the sake of the people of Yuria, you must choose and use your weapons wisely."

Another shot of the front cover of the Golden Axe PC game.

And the back cover... what a happy bunch of campers they are!

TurboGraphics Golden Axe

Golden Axe on the TurboGraphics

The early CD system takes hold of Golden Axe.  

goldenaxe.jpg (60135 bytes) Golden Axe on the MegaDrive

The non-American/ non-Japanese version of the Sega Genesis--the main difference being only the graphics on the box.

goldenaxeback.jpg (57896 bytes) Back of the Mega Drive box.  Really nice artwork here.  Could Monet have captured this moment any better?

frontcover1.jpg (280448 bytes) Alternate cover art for Golden Axe on the Mega Drive.  A much closer shot that lets the details come through.  Just looked at how haggard the face of Gilius is!

backcover1.jpg (361075 bytes) Back cover of the box above.  Six translations for the game and what it's about.  My favorite line is, "The invaders are brutal, ugly, and 12 feet tall, with huge arms and bellowing laughs.  They love pounding you into the dirt!"

cartart.jpg (146093 bytes) Cartridge for the Mega Drive.  I hear the dragon sued because he was cropped out of the picture.

ga2.jpg (14303 bytes) Golden Axe II on the Mega Drive.  The box art alone makes the game a keeper.

ga2var.jpg (33715 bytes) Another variation which includes both the front and back covers.

ga3a.jpg (15320 bytes) Golden Axe III on the Mega Drive.  Why couldn't they have hired the artists for these games for all of Sega's best?

ga3.jpg (6498 bytes) Cartridge for Golden Axe III

Tiger's Golden Axe

Golden Axe Portable

Golden Axe ala Tiger.  

Portable gaming at its best?  

Golden Axe Novel

Golden Axe Novel

If you are wondering why this book never made it onto the New York Times best seller list, you are not alone.

As the motto goes, "It doesn't matter what a kid is reading, so long as he is reading."  Here might be the exception.

Game Gear

Axe Battler: A Legend of the Golden Axe

Released on Sega Game Gear, this game provided another portable means by which players could relive the excitement of Golden Axe.  Here is a text sample from the game itself

"Once upon a time, the Golden Axe was known throughout the land as a token of all power. A wise leader realized the potential of this powerful weapon, and hid it to prevent it from falling into the hands of evil. But now, the kingdom has fallen under siege, and as a young adventurer you must retrieve the Golden Axe and restore peace to the land. Axe Battler: A Legend of the Golden Axe is an exciting new role playing game for play on the Sega Game Gear."

i-1.jpg (16437 bytes) Box cover for Ax Battler on the Game Gear.

Great shot of Golden Axe on the Amiga computer (or as many knew it growing up, "God's gift to video game players").  The common consensus is that this is the best home version of Golden Axe a person could own.

golden_axe.gif (12648 bytes) Scenic fighting pictures from the Amiga.

More Amiga fighting.  Bring on the violence.

What's that?  You want more Amiga screenshots?  Here you go!

Yet another Amiga screenshot.

Full page review of Golden Axe on the Spectrum system.  Just look at those amazing graphics!

goldenax.gif (7612 bytes) Picture from the Spectrum 48K computer.  Multiplayer = Good.  Graphics = bad.

20538042.jpg (22498 bytes) Haakon?  Golden Ax?  What's going on here?  Clearly this is just a Kain Blade wanna-be.  No woman can resist him?  Has he ever taken on a force as powerful as Dora or Ms Demeanor?

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