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Golden Axe - Sega Genesis


Leaping from the arcade and onto the Sega Genesis, Golden Axe set a new standard for home gaming.  Nearly identical to its arcade counter-part, Golden Axe wowed home players with stunning graphics and authentic arcade game-play.

Players of the arcade game are familiar with the story: Death Adder has kidnapped the royal family.  Heroes armed with weapons and magic forge their way forward to seek revenge on the evil Death Adder.  Along the way they free the civilians in Turtle Village, ride on the back of the giant turtle, soar on the back of an eagle, and watch a spinning axe fall into Death Adder's chest.

Being a home game, Golden Axe provided a few alternatives missing from the original arcade cabinet, most important among those the "Duel" mode allowing players to battle increasing numbers of enemies.

Little changed in the Golden Axe sequels on the Genesis.  The graphics saw some improvements, but game play remained consistent with the series.   Death Adder is replaced in the first sequel with Dark Guld--and for my money, having a game without Death Adder is like having it without the Golden Axe itself.


  1. My first encounter with Golden Axe on the Genesis came at a Target store where the game was on display.  I played for an hour before being told to quit my loitering ways.  The simplicity of the game intrigued me.  Kicking, jumping, and casting spells.  What could be easier than that?

  2. For those of you searching for a translation to you instruction booklet for Golden Axe 3, it is finally here.  Read about the character's names and moves here.  Thanks to Jonny for sending the link.

  3. If you really, really need a new copy of your Golden Axe manual, you can go here to get one.

  4. If you really, really need a Spanish translation of your manual, you can go here to get one.

  5. For those of you who think the neo-skeletons that fight alongside Death Bringer are immortal, guess again! Have have more HP than Death Bringer himself, however, making them rather difficult to kill.

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