The Golden Axe Resource, Death Adder's Castle

Golden Axe - Sega Master System


Golden Axe appeared both on the near-outdated Master System as well as the Genesis at roughly the same time.  Having never played it, I can only make assumptions as to its game play.  The Master system, one step below the Genesis in more ways than one, offered similar play and graphics, though most assuredly the Genesis version beat it in every fashion.  

Also released on the Master System was Golden Axe Warrior.  All I know first-hand about this version of the game is from the game manual itself, which came to me from an unknown location. From what I have been told it is similar to Nintendo's "Legend of Zelda" series.

Any further information that could be provided on either of these two games would be greatly appreciated.  Just send a note here.

For a Golden Axe movies, head here.

gaxe_ms.jpg (72020 bytes) The faded glory of games gone by.

From the opening screen, we see the hero, with the unfortunate name of Tarik, apparently calling out to a bartender for a fresh mug of beer.

Tarik decides carefully where to allocate his magic.

The history of the Golden Axe, brought forth in blocky-text goodness!

The end of the game, shows the brave Tarik and the severed head of the Death Adder.

Wouldn't it be cool to have a Golden Axe of your own?  Tarik thinks so.

I've played Golden Axe many, many times, on many different platforms.  And each time, at the end, when I win, this has NEVER happened for me.

gold.gif (66950 bytes) "Adventure Role Playing" at its finest?

Another scan of both the front and back of the box.

The manual cover for Golden Axe Warrior.

Golden Axe Warrior.jpg (19925 bytes) Golden Axe Warrior in action.  Does the Death Adder lurk in the shrubbery?  And by the way, Link and Zelda called.  They want their game back.