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The following games fall into the category of "other" being as they can either not be placed into any other category, or because I am unable to figure out what category to which they belong.  

Let's face it, when it comes to Golden Axe, can there really ever be enough versions of the game?  Sega seemed to know they had a good game on their hands and tried to spread its hack and slash greatness as far and wide as they could. 

title.gif (64871 bytes) Title screen from the newest version of Golden Axe, Golden Axe Renegade, built by its creator, Rick Lappeman.  Though only in its beta form, Golden Axe Renegade already holds many of the same traits that make all Golden Axe games great.  Copies are available for free.  Download it at:

Rick was willing to talk a little more about his game and his reasons for creating it.

"You know, I remember my first Golden Axe experience ever. I was 9 years old and on vacation.  I was out of town at an Arcade when all of a sudden the original Golden Axe caught my eye. I threw my money in and had a buzz and from the moment I saw that hacked up bloodied loser Alex walk onto the screen, I knew it was going to be good. The original version I played was unforgettable. It had lots of blood, torture, and many surprises to look forward to. It was the beat 'em up of a lifetime and kids would talk about it at school for months. I played the version soon after on Sega Master System but it was not the same. By the time I was 14, I bought a copy of Golden Axe on Genesis hoping it would live up to the version at the Arcades. It was ok, but no blood or clay bodies meant it didn't feel the same.  Ever since then I have had to go without playing the greatest version of Golden Axe ever. The ROMs didn't work and by now it was out of all the arcades. Now that I'm twenty I decided to do something about it or die trying. I was going to make the Golden Axe game of my dreams and that title is known today as "Golden Axe Renegade."

Many people ask me why "Golden Axe Renegade"? Well, if I told you the full reason it would spoil the surprise since the game is currently only a demo.  Golden Axe has had so many sequels so I basically gave this one its name because it suits the plot. Without spoiling the ending, after finding strange occurrences have been happening, Tarin sets off and battles Death Adder.  Once defeated a strange portal opens up and once entered Tarin is warped and sent into the future (like the Highlander). Now in modern day times, Tarin must fight the evil nasties on the mean streets of America, find out what is causing the strange happenings, and most importantly, find a way home. I know I dwindled off a bit there but in all honesty there is a lot more to the game. There are so many surprises going to be in it I'm not even going to mention them, but you can believe you will get a lot more than you expect.

Golden Axe Renegade does not follow the same format as other Golden Axe games. The beat 'em up and blood elements are still there but the game is more of a platform-based game. The reason I did this is because some beat 'em ups become repetitive and I want to add some elements of strategy and reflexes as well. Don't get me wrong, nothing will ever beat the original, but the reason I am making the game in this format is so you are not just getting the same thing but an entirely different game."

The game is a must download for all Golden Axe fans.  What more is there to say?  Visit his site at:

golden_axe.jpg (43454 bytes) Shot of the Commodore 64 box.  With a box cover this good, there is no question that what lies within borders on greatness.

GoldenAxeSpectrum.jpg (228878 bytes) Back of the box for the Amiga/Atari/Amstrad/Spectrum/Commodore 64 version of Golden Axe.

golden_axe_1.gif (8060 bytes) The Commodore main title looks sharp, right down to the blood splotch in the upper center. . .

golden_axe_2.gif (8497 bytes) . . . but right away true fans can see something is amiss.

golden_axe_3.gif (6994 bytes) The best part about this Commodore shot is the picture of Tyris in the middle.  Ooh-la-la!  Children, hide your eyes!

A two page review of Golden Axe on the Commodore 64.  Pretty funny reading if you find a review of a 1990 game funny, which I do.

The caption under the upper left picture is pretty funny, if you find Monty Python funny, which I do.

psweat.jpg (8923 bytes) What exactly is Pocari Sweat?  Well, it's "refreshment water."  What is refreshment water?  Pocari sweat, of course.  Regardless, the Hokari/Pocari questions seems to have been finally answered.
golden_axe_4.gif (6331 bytes)

Another box shot of Golden Axe on the PC.

Another day, another system.  Golden Axe makes its first appearance on the WonderSwan Color.

WonderSwan screenshots.  Same game, different system.

Haven't we seen this before?

And this?

A Spanish review of Golden Axe.  Did they like the game?  You tell me.

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