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Golden Axe Emulation

Though we live in a castle dungeon, we here at DAC do not live in the dark.  If a person were to wander around enough on the Internet, you will surely find that Golden Axe (and all its sequels) have been emulated--torn from their original forms and crammed onto a computer screen.

Like rainbows and waterfalls, Golden Axe is best played in its purist form--inserting quarters into an upright cabinet, crouching in front of a television, or holding a hand-held on a city bus.  But not everyone has the luxury of owning an upright arcade game (or even having a wife/husband who would consider letting you buy one).  And the availability of Golden Axe on the Genesis or Master System is becoming more and more rare.

So what can a person do who is starved for Golden Axe excitement?

What many turn to is emulation.  Download the software and play the game.  What could be easier?

But that's not the point of Golden Axe.  It is a multi-player game--wandering the forests with friends, slashing down enemies where ever they lie.  Sitting a desk, using a keyboard, and playing by yourself wasn't how the game was intended.  And let's face it, there are enough versions out there on enough platforms, and most of them, but not all, are just as good as the original.  So shell out a few bucks and buy the real thing while you're waiting for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions to come out.

But there is the one exception.  What about Golden Axe: Revenge of Death Adder?  Where do you get a copy of that?  For those of you looking to play specifically Golden Axe: Revenge of Death Adder, I will give you a few hints to save you some time.  The emulator (last I checked) is called Modeler.  The ROM to play the game is called  The pictures linked below are both from an earlier version of the emulator that aren't near as sharp, and from the current, and beautiful, version.  Good luck.  You're on your own from here.  Trust me, though, it's not as fun as owning one.

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