The Golden Axe Resource, Death Adder's Castle

Golden Axe Emulation


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ga2_1.gif (23306 bytes) Welcome to the glorious world of emulation. 

ga2_4.gif (50522 bytes) Ah, the romantic images of heroes on fire....

ga2_1.gif (47173 bytes) . . . and the villains.

ga2_2.gif (19585 bytes) Who is the first hero to step forward and face the Death Adder?

wipga2b.gif (26317 bytes) Dora and Trix prepare for battle.  Poor, poor enslaved Chicken Legs.

ga2_3.gif (36263 bytes) Feel the burn....

ga2_4.gif (55161 bytes) I remember this waterfall being a really cool effect.  That was a long time ago.

ga2e-06.gif (54710 bytes) The next few shots begin to show how the graphics break down in the later levels on the early version of the emulator.

ga2e-04.gif (55107 bytes) Getting worse....

ga2e-05.gif (51800 bytes) Worse still.....

ga2e-02.gif (41057 bytes) Disaster!

But, alas, these are shots from the newest version of the Modeler emulator and you can see that all is well.

Eat these fireballs, you evil-loving monsters!

Question:  Would this hurt?  Answer:  Yes.

As Bob Dylan said, "Everybody gets stoned."

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