The Golden Axe Resource, Death Adder's Castle

About Death Adder's Castle

Death Adder's Castle was created by Ben, shortly after buying his own Revenge of Death Adder machine. Over the past 7 years the original page has grown into a full Golden Axe site. Near the end of 2008, control of the site was passed on to me, The Songbird. (I must say, the fact that I was chosen to inherit the Castle is the real-life equivalent of inheriting the Golden Axe itself.) Here I have written a thread about the change in ownership, so please take a look. The Castle was my inspiration to create the Golden Axe Projects, so without Ben's hard work here, I would be completely unknown to the Golden Axe world.

Here is Ben's original comment on the creation of Death Adder's Castle:

"When I started this site it was just to celebrate the fact that I finally bought a Revenge of Death Adder arcade game, nothing more.  But after that first page was built, I added some screenshots.  Then a person or two emailed me about it, and added their own thoughts.  Before too long, I had myself a Golden Axe website.  And not too long after that, I had a really, really big Golden Axe website filled with more nonsense than you could shake a Chicken Leg at.  But enough rambling.  If you want to know more about me and this website, you can read the History of Death Adder's Castle.

So over this time, I've collected a lot of stuff that doesn't really have any other home on the site, so I'll collect it here.  It's mostly letters, links, and stuff along those lines.  If you've got your own bit of nonsense to add, feel free to contact me and let me know."