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Golden Axe - Sega Genesis

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b2goldenax_1.jpg (207220 bytes) Front of the original box.

b2goldenax_2.jpg (164094 bytes) Back of the box for Golden Axe.

Great shot of the "complete" game including free fold-out poster!

SGgoldenaxe2.jpg (48378 bytes) Golden Axe game cartridge.

Copy of GoldenAxe.jpg (20782 bytes) Box for Golden Axe II.  Good thing our heroes are so photogenic.

golden2.jpg (41274 bytes) A game isn't any good without its instructions.

An interesting publicity shot of Golden Axe II in action.  Beware the giant purple beast thing!  Thanks to Tex for sending it in.

A Spanish scan for Golden Axe 2.

More Spanish goodness.

What?  More Spanish Golden Axe 2 information?  Okay!




6pakcart.jpg (18659 bytes) The Genesis 6-Pak.  How did Golden Axe get relegated with these other games?  No one can say for sure.  Am I wrong in thinking a better choice would have been the Golden Axe 3-Pak?

1.jpg (24713 bytes) Tyris casts her whirling fire-ghost spell.

2.jpg (23307 bytes) A fire-breathing dragon shows off its prowess.

3.jpg (24728 bytes) Fire in the sky.

4.jpg (22967 bytes) The Amazon battles her way to Death Adder.

5.jpg (24243 bytes) Ax Battler shows he knows a little something about nuclear fission.

Master Thief Garrett sends in these next three shots of some the classic Golden Axe characters

When skeletons start coming out of your walls, it's time to move.

I bet he can really tenderize a steak with that mallet of his.

wpe9.gif (15190 bytes) In Golden Axe 2, the blue potions changed into magic books.  And the little troll-thieves changed as well.  In their place, were a new, powerful enemy.  What started as frogs suddenly turned into . . .  

wpeB.gif (15817 bytes) . . . evil magicians with Kodak cameras around their necks.  They could also turn themselves into snails, though the practical use of such magic leaves many heroes wondering.

wpe5.gif (15846 bytes) Dark Guld gets funky with Gilius in his "Disco-Tech of Horror" in Golden Axe 2.


Not to be viewed by those with weak hearts or morals!

The following picture, sent in by Phredreeke, is from Golden Axe on the Sega Genesis.  Tyris, shown midjump, appears to reveal a little more of her "private" life then maybe the designers intended.  For her next adventure, she might want to consider wearing sweatpants.

Even MORE naked pictures of Tyris, these sent in by Hentai Fever.  I like these just as well because not only is she naked, but naked AND upside down.

Just how mean can Tyris get?  I'd say this picture answers the question.

Watch them wiggle... see them jiggle...

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