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Pictures from Golden Axe 3 showing "the rest" of the gang--including Gilius sporting a fine new brown vest.  Anyone with access to the old instruction book who could explain where these new heroes came from and the circumstances of their newest fight, would be held in a place of honor at the castle.

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A long series of shots showing the great, varied world of Golden Axe 3.  Despite not having Gilius as a playing character, Golden Axe 3 had the best graphics in the series (as far as home systems are concerned).  A lot was done with creating new characters and monsters to battle.  The best of which is the short, fat character shown in the first picture in this series.

Thanks to Teichner for sending them in.

Another great set of screenshots sent in from Golden Axe 3 (thanks to Carterman for the perilous photography) showing more of the impressive scenery.

The fifth picture shows what I consider to be the weakest part of the game--the Magical Pillars of Frustration!

wpeD.gif (21064 bytes) The Incredible Hulk/Yeti crossbreed fights for the Golden Axe at the end of Part 3.  Doesn't look good for Death Adder's evil minion.

Great shot of the heroes from Golden Axe 3.  Now if only I could read Japanese...

A good shot of one of the 'bad girls' of Golden Axe 3.

All the following shots all come from the Japanese only Golden Axe 3.  Thanks to Patrick Haber for scanning and sending them in. Angel the Tecrat does one better by writing a Japanese translation to it all.  Another translation of the manual can be downloaded here.  Thanks Bombman.

Front of the box.

Back of the box

Front and back covers. 

Page 1 & 2.

Page 3 & 4.

Page 5 & 6.

Translation sent it from Tony:

Kain Grinder

He is a 傭[untranslatable] soldier who is a powerful swordsman. His friend was killed by the demons, which have also wiped out his tribe. He wants to seek revenge and he tells Gilius that he wishes to fight the demons.

Sarah Barn

She, who has joined the party of the minstrel, killed the companion of the soldier of the demon troop who suddenly appeared and waited for the opportunity to take revenge [I am very unsure about this sentence]. The blue dragon sword reminds her of her father's eyes[unsure of this]. This sword moves swiftly and can cut the enemy many times.

Proud[also Braoude] Cragger

Power and pride ended with the 裔[untranslatable] giant family [not sure about this sentence]. The family was forced the underground by the demons, but was helped by Gilius; he lended him power to overthrow Damed. He is the strongest in this group of four people.

Chronos "Evil" Lait[unsure of this]

He was originally human, but the Golden Axe, used by Damud, has changed him into a half-human half-animal creature and it is now irreversible[not sure of the irreversible bit]. He fights against Damud, and because that he wishes become human again, he joins to fight.

Page 7 & 8.

Page 9 & 10.

Page 11 & 12.

Page 13 & 14.

Page 15 & 16.

Page 17 & 18

Page 19 & 20.

Page 21 & 22.

Page 23 & 24.

Page 25 & 26.

Page 27 & 28.

Page 29 & 30.

Advertisement for the original Golden Axe on the Genesis

And another ad for part 2.

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