The Golden Axe Resource, Death Adder's Castle

Golden Axe Heroes

Gilius Thunderhead

Golden Axe can't exist without Gilius.  Wielding his axe, sometimes the legendary Golden Axe itself, Gilius lays waste to his foes wherever they exist.  Second only to Death Adder in game appearances.  Dies with Death Adder at the end of GA:TRODA.

Ax Battler

Ax Battler, always ready with his patented sword attacks, fought along side Gilius and Tyris in the original Golden Axe games.  A possible father-figure to Kain Blade from GA:TD.  Is readily replaced with a similar-looking Sternblade in GA:TRODA.

Tyris Flare

The fierce Amazon stood second-to-none in the early Golden Axe games.  A favorite of players because of her incredible magical abilities.  Her "descendent" Milan went on to fight for ownership of the Golden Axe in GA:TD.  Replaced as a character by Dora in GA:TRODA.  Looks like she will return in the new Playstation 3/Xbox 360 versions.  Also notable because everyone likes drawing her.


Sternblade, on the surface, appears to be nothing more than a repackaging of Ax Battler from the original Golden Axe.  If you think that, you're right.  The difference lies in his magic, which instead of erupting into a nuclear blast, turned mortals into burning corpses.


A favorite for her wild kicks and her plentiful magic, Dora lends her talents to defeat the Death Adder.  She also holds the honor of having a mysterious leg-changing ability!  Go here for an explanation.


With Gilius perched high on his back, this not-so-gentle giant stormed his way into Death Adder's castle.  As tall as anyone but Death Adder himself, Goah's spin attack decimated any who stood before him.

Little Trix

Able to grow apples and kick evil's butt, Little Trix is a favorite for multi-player gaming.  He vanishes after his one and only gaming appearance, apparently to start a rock and roll band.

A really, really good shot of all the Golden Axe heroes blended together in one giant picture.  This thing should be made into wallpaper for my house!  Much thanks to Tex for sending it in.

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