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Golden Axe Fan Art

Throughout history, art has shaped and reshaped the world we live in.  When mortals capture the immortal on canvass, be it a waterfall, sunset, or a really big soup can, they tap into that part of their soul that lasts forever -- or something like that.

Anyway, the truly important message here is that the Death Adder is an inspiration to the world, or at the very least, worthy enough to be drawn and redrawn by the great artists of the world.

Are you one of those great artists?  Send in your Golden Axe related fan art today and you can be one of the elite artists seen here.

As always, all pictures shown here belong to their artists/authors and cannot be used without their permission.

So don't sit back, get out that Etch-A-Sketch and get to work.  In fact, let that be a challenge to you . . . first person who sends in a picture of Golden Axe characters drawn with an Etch-A-Sketch wins . . . um, well, it will be something good. 

Zuburoka small Kimagure sent in this pic of a Lemanaya (Japanese name Zuburoka) from the first Golden Axe, dressed in Christmas garb.
Chicken-Leg Miniature 1
Chicken-Leg Miniature 2
A chicken-Leg miniature made by Projects moderator annoyinglizardvoice.
Chicken-Leg A Chicken-Leh by Deimos-Remus. Check out more of his work on his Deviantart page.
DA sprite My own sprite of Death Adder from Beast Rider.

rob-jr sends this picture in of Tyris riding to battle.  See more of his work here.

New creations with explanations from Sherz:

the strong barbarian, I know he wields a Broad sword but his name relates better 2 a battleaxe. And I have seen artwork of him with an axe"

"DEATH ADDER: The main antagonist, he is so evil. Using the power of the golden axe the conquer the land. I was looking for the really big horns look"

"DEATH ADDER 2: my 2nd attempt. This time, I wanted 2 go with perspective 2 make him look bigger. I mean he is a big badass after all. gotta love the cape and glowing eyes. LOL"

"DUKE PENDRAGON: An original creation, well, sort of. Decedent of King Arthur and his weapon is, DRUM ROLL!!!!!!!!!EXCALIBUR. The most powerful sword in the universe. I know u couldn't be a knight, however I just thought it was be cool if there was in. Yeah I knight with a REALLY BIG SWORD. as for Excalibur 2 challenge the golden axe would be interesting. U could say Duke was the reason y I changed this a bit."

"GILLIUS THUNDERHEAD: Dwarves a cool. though he has an axe, since I gave the axe 2 the barbarian, I decided 2 give Gillius the next best thing. A MACE. LOL "Improvise" "

"SKELETON WARRIOR: I just had 2 draw 1. I couldn't resist. I always dreaded fighting these undead hordes, they were fast, hard 2 beat and didn't give up. and they were already dead ECK.."

"TYRIS FLARE: Ahh, is she was fun the work with. ever so sexy. not as physically strong as the other, But her magic made up 4 it, especially when she summons the Dragon. Tyris. U DON'T WANNA PISS HER OFF!!"

Great work sent in by Tex.  Wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley.

The same as above, but arcade colored glory.

Even more!

Tex also sends in some Longmoan action.

And more.

And more.

And more!

And finally the background level scenery from the arcade version of Golden Axe.

And the Genesis version.

Rodrigo sends in this variation of Strider's work below.  His goal?  To update Tyris to the new look of the "nexgen" Golden Axe Tyris found here.

Strider sends in the following work, including just about every character in the original Golden Axe universe.  Starting with the royalty.  The thumbnails all have a funny brown haze, but when you click on them, they all look great.

Axe Battler

Death Adder

Death Adder Jr.

Death Bringer





Bad Brothers

General Heartland

Sgt Malt & Sgt Hop


Henigers Legion


Longmoans Legion



Tyris Flare

utunnels sends in his Gilius fanart.  If Gilius could just hang onto that axe, The Death Adder would stop bothering us all the time.

Aaron Ard allowed me the honor of posting these 3D renders of Tyris.  See more of his work on his site here and see the 3D movie of Tyris in motion here.






The Songbird sends in the following sprite sheets, showing a little artistic license with the original Golden Axe heroes and villains.  See more of the Songbird's work here.




Tyris action figure.  What else needs to be said?  Good for kids and adults!

And from behind . . .

And up close . . .

See more from the artist, Gazbo:

"I was playing Golden Axe recently and owning it up with Tyris, the sexy Amazon warrior. After I sent Death Adder to his grave, I started looking at fan made Golden Axe websites, where I came across artwork of Tyris, done by a multitude of talented people. So I thought I'd try my own. So here she is."

See more from the artist, heroinchicmodel:

"I'm appalled at the lack of Golden Axe related fan art. I don't even think it's that the game is very fun even, but damnit-- it had some awesome characters. I mainly did this just out of curiosity to see how many more hits established characters make compared to original art."

See more from the artist, Ripplin:

"For a while in the late 90's, I started drawing these guys with helmets that have huge horns on them. Think Viking/medieval warrior/Boba Fett/Death Adder (see Golden Axe). I think this one turned out really well, especially the one on the right."

See more from the artist, Cloudmann:

"Death Adder from the original Golden Axe on Sega Genesis.

So awesome."

Also by Cloudmann.

See more from the artist, PeoplesBadmash

"Well I was originally going to do a fanart for GOLDEN AXE, a series that's never grown on me, and the way the series is going, it probably never will. I guess that's why GOLDEN AXE paved the way for BATTLE AXE LADY. I'll be going back to the pencils in a day or so to erase that monster of a cockroach in the background and put in an unlucky dragon. Or maybe PETER JACKSON'S KING KONG."

See more from the artist, mozzaratti:

"From the Sega Saturn's Golden Axe: The Duel comes Jamm, the feral lass in the tiger/lion beast pelt. I sometimes wonder if she and Cham Cham of Samurai Shodown didn't swap fashion tips.
Anyway, aside from the pelt itself being a little too bright it seemed to turn out really great. And no other color seemed to work, so I'll just have to live with it unless I use the original's colors and that almost -never- works. Just look back at a few like Annet to see what I mean. Anyway! More love to the Segas fans."

See more from the artist, mozzaratti:

"This one holds with Ilith as the toughest piece I've done so far, and not just because he's large. But here's Death Adder of Golden Axe, this version specifically from the Saturn fighting version, Golden Axe: The Duel. The details turned out wonderfully and nigh perfect, except the more visible shoulder paldron."

See more from the artist, nenerocks:

"Splash page of a scene from the game Golden Axe 2, a game exclusively released on Sega Genesis. I always had a big interest in beat-em'-ups like this one, especially one with a swords n' sorcery theme (I've been getting into that more and more lately...)

Tyris-Flare, the Amazon heroin of the game, infiltrates the final dungeon of Dark Guld, but finds herself surrounded by towering minotaurs who are about to pound her into the ground with their maces.... she has just disposed of one of the soldiers, who turns into stone upon death... sitting in the foreground is her only hope, a spell book, which will enable her to cast magic, including summoning a gigantic dragon to engulf her enemies in flames . .  . "

See more from the artist, nenerocks:

"Well, this is one of the main characters Tyris-Flare... she's a seriously under-rated "hot video game chick" who's a serious amazon warrior and summons big-ass dragons to engulf bad guys in flames... she rocks... So I drew her."

See more from the artist, citry:

"I drew this last month, when Golden Axe popped in my head.
With that, there are the Kasull twins dressed as two of the three
main characters from the game.

There are Shannon as Ax Battler and Raquel as
Tyris Flare from the ending of the game.

Shannon and Raquel copyright Studio BONES."

See more from the artist, 0-4:

"This is an insane panther from Golden Axe 3.
Kinda distorted and disordered a little bit, and slightly looking like rat but I love him anyways.
Yes, he is my favorite playable character. It sad - I cant play him in Q4, GTA SA and UT2004
Hope someday game-making people will understand a simple axiom - cat-people rulz.
Or at least - cat-people rulz much more than all kinds of boring-to-death masculine marines.

Just a dream though..."

See more from the artist, kalrhael:

"This is the panther warrior of Golden Axe Three! my first attempt at a real-ish drawing."

See more from the artist, RENtb:

"Golden Axe was my favorite game"

See more from the artist, ReincarnatedParano:

"Jamm from the old game Golden Axe: The Duel. The sabertooth tiger skin she wears is the dead body of her mother, and she summons her spirit from the skin for her ultimate attack.

I have the ROM version of this game, but no emulator that it'll work on! Apparently it's a really hard game to emulate due to a certain program inside it; if anyone knows of an emulator that this'll work on, please note me! I wanna play this bad!"

See more from the artist, JessicaElwood:

"I remember I played it a damn lot in the coin ops back when I was at elementary.  I always liked the Tyris Flare character (Amazon in bikini, yay!) so here's my fursona all dressed up as Tyris, heh."

See more from the artist, EyeofVogler:

"llustrator CS (it's fully vector now), Photoshop (layer fx, color tweaks)

Everyone's favorite sexy Golden Axe heroine.

7/12/06 - de-suckified the color (somewhat), gave Tyris a minor thigh reduction, added Gilius, Ax Battler and other fun stuff. The border is supposed to be Death Adder's helmet, but I couldn't remember the actual shape of it. :P

7/18/06 - did some things (although I think I regret trying to color the bg characters, can't make up my mind how the back lighting/shadows should look, or if they even belong there.) :P

goofs - logo is off center, my usual array of frayed points and messy lines, etc"

See more from the artist, destructorv1:

"Bringing back those memories

This is one of the greatest games i played, Golden Axe.

its old, but its still great! (and i just heard they are coming with a brand new sequel)

those guys are the playable characters in there Tyris Flare (girl with fire) Ax Battler (guy with the big sword) and Gilius Thunderhead (Dwarf with battle axe)

forgot whats Golden Axe? here [link]

btw, Ax battler ain't pantless, its the angle, kay?

Enjoy, all!"

See more from the artist, BrotherOstavia:

"Death Adder and his Golden Axe ;)Nice ages. Photoshop CS too."

See more from the artist, BrotherOstavia:

olden Axe. One of my favourite games of the Sega Genesis (Mega Drive in Spain). That final boss was too much cool. Photoshop CS

See more from the artist, sergevirusx:

"As a few hours my bro and his fiancee fight again,she go running and my bro go behind her.. i try what this dont affect me but i feel many pain by them..

i painting this face of Gillius thunderhead (from golden axe game) because this characters make me thinking about the old things and the changes in my life."

Kain K sends in this great colored pencil drawing of all the major players.

Don't stop now.  More Great Fan Art on the next page.