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Golden Axe Fan Art

Great picture of the "Golden Axe" girls.

Tyris, ready for action.

Zaborger sends in what look like a Tyris action figure.  Could it be real?  If so, I need to get one for each of my kids.

Lord Maggot sends in a much closer view of the Tyris action figure.

Maestro sends in more of his artistic handiwork.



Death Adder: Large and in charge.  Thanks to Tex for sending it in.

Thanks to Maestro for sending in this new battle action.

Prime Op sends in the following three pictures (now correctly credited to him).  Check out more of his great work by visiting his site here.



scabcat comes through again by finding even more Tyris.  How can she battle in an outfit like that?

The following eight pictures were sent in by Dagaus, the creator of the Neverwinter Nights mod Golden Axe: The Rise of Death Adder.  Ax Battler never looked better.

Tryis as she was on prom night.

Gimli, I mean Gilius, ready for battle.

Sweet, sweet Golden Axe.

Great scenery

All we need is the little blue thieves and this picture is perfect.

"I could crush your head... and your neck... but I won't... because I need you.


Andy T sends in this color drawing of Tyris.

Long-time contributor Tex sends in a picture of the Death Adder (with General Heartlander looking on to the left).

Scabcat sends in the next pictures.  Oh, Tyris, how do we love you?  Let us count the ways!  1....








Obviously this girl goes to the same gym as Tyris.

Great set of four pictures of Tyris sent in by scabcat.

What more could you ask for in a warrior??

If she looked more like this in the game, I'd probably play it more often.

I think the Death Adder would want to be killed by her.

Very cool picture of Dora on the docks sent in by AnderP.

Another nice piece of artwork sent in by AnderP.

Nice shot by AnderP from Golden Axe 3.

James Molloy sends in his rendering of the Death Adder.  See more of his work in the Death Adder comic strip on the Humor page.

Though not "art" in the traditional sense, Lawrence sends in the next three pictures of "The Death Adder" or his version of it, that he created in the game NeverWinter Nights.

This is much better than my version of Death Adder that I created for Diablo 2.

For a guy who is a few hundred years old, the Death Adder still looks pretty fit and trim.

Tomas Tomás P. Izquierdo Kairúz sends in a set of twelve pictures, both animated and otherwise.  Click on each one and see them in action.

Hey, Death Adder, what's so funny?

Death Adder, tall and proud.

Flapping cape of evil!

MORE flapping cape of evil.

What's so funny?  Apparently ... everything.

Death Adder backs that thang up.

"Everybody's doin' a brand new dance now... come on, baby, do the Adder-motion!"

You just wish you had a chair as cool as the Death Adder's.

Fists of fury.... Check!

Ever wonder how the Death Adder keeps coming back to life?  Click and find out?

I'm walkin', yes, indeed.  And I'm talkin', 'bout you and me!  And I'm hopin', that you come back to me!

Tex sends in a particular card from the card game Magic.  Where did the author get his inspiration for this piece of work, we wonder.

FixeeNTS sends in this hand drawn sketch.  The Death Adder at his evil best.

DA Junior gives us a picture of a Death Adder ready for death and dismemberment.

DA Junior gives us another shot of the Death Adder standing ready.

DA Junior's depiction of fire-breathing horror.

DA Junior draws a picture of someone sure to be the future Ms. Death Adder.

Reader Peter sends in the following three pictures.  All of these characters would feel well-at-home in the Golden Axe universe.



Krish "The Haggis Boy" sends in a great picture of Golden Axe's Ax Battler stabbing Axel from Streets of Rage.

 MoonScream sent in this great shot of Tryis showing evil a thing-or-two.

Thanks to HeroR for sending in this great shot of the Death Adder in fight-mode. 


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