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Death Adder

As much a part of the Golden Axe legend as the Golden Axe itself, Death Adder, equipped with axes, magic, menace, and just plain evil, makes the lives of innocent people everywhere miserable.

Death Bringer

Here the battle will rage . . . The Death Bringer is a "bonus" character who the Royal Family claim is the mastermind behind the Death Adder's Actions.  He exists only in the home versions of the game.  Quite the foe, the Death Bringer uses each of the heroes attacks against them.  As the Death Bringer only exists in one game, we here at the castle acknowledge only our true leader, The Death Adder.

Death Adder Junior

Death Adder's apparent son makes a brief appearance in the original Golden Axe.

Miscellaneous Thugs

(Longmoan, left -- Heninger, right)

Full of evil intentions, thugs make up the bulk of Death Adder's army.  Weak-willed and poorly dressed, they hack and club their way to the top of the ladder, hoping to win Death Adder's favor.

Bad Brothers

The Brothers are usually found laughing at other people's expense, sometimes their fellow soldiers.  Quite the comedians, they are known best for their "step on an old woman's back" joke which never ceases to send crowds into hysterics.

Ms. Demeanor

(aka Storchinaya, Strobaya, Lemanaya, and Gruziya)

As cruel as she is beautiful, Ms. Demeanor and all her twins stormed their way into Death Adder's heart.  Whether eating a picnic lunch or hurling her body into battle, Ms. Demeanor always knows how to have a good time.


Skeletons make up the "silent but deadly" part of Death Adder's army.  Springing from the ground, their evil intentions more than make up for their lack of flesh.

Bitter Knights

Big, mean, cloaked in stylish armor, the Death Adder's knights work tirelessly to rid the world of good-will and peace.


Trees!  Evil, evil trees.  Besides being evil, they carried swords.  Evil swords.

Dark Guld

Death Adder's representative of evil for Golden Axe on the Genesis.  Rumor suggests that it may have Death Adder in disguise, hoping not to have his fans accuse him of "overexposure."


Nice shot of Death Adder's evolution from the first game to the last.  Thanks again, Tex, for sending it in.

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