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Notice: As of January 1, 2007, HitmanHQ is on editorial hiatus. While there won't be any new content posted, rest assured HitmanHQ will remain online as an excellent resource for the first three games in the series. And don't forget, the forums are alive and well.

Slaying A Dragon
You know what they say about Hong Kong: Piss off the wrong people, and pretty soon you've started a gang war. 47 knows that negotiators from the Blue Lotus and Red Dragons will be meeting in Kowloon Park, and it's time to off one of them. The options are pretty wide open. So pick your poison. Or bomb. Or rifle...
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The Wang Fou Incident
It's now time to wedge that knife of distrust a little further into soon-to-be defunct Blue Lotus and Red Dragon Triads. The hit 47 pulled off in the park has left the Triads even more wary than they were before, but they are still willing to negotiate a peace treaty. Of course, that's the last thing 47's contractor wants. Commence gang war.
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Saturday, May 1, 2004
Sniper rifles are made for precise targeting, but this is just ridiculous.

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Thanks to CaDaVrE for this screenshot. Have an interesting or amazing screenshot? Send it to hitman@3dactionplanet.com.

09/15/04 - H3: Cheats
04/17/04 - H3: Files
02/07/04 - The Movie, Part 10
04/06/03 - The Movie, Part 9

HITMAN 2: Using "dual handgun" bug, select the sawn-off shotgun for second gun. Holding down shoots twice, but keep clicking for swift sawn-off fatality.

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Three men. Three guns. Only one will live to kill another day. Check out the final installment of Excal's Hitman: The Agency screenplay. [click]

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