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Golden Axe Original Arcade Game

wpe7.jpg (23967 bytes) Nothing compares with the original game in the original cabinet.

axect2.jpg (121364 bytes) Neat picture of a "cocktail" version of the game.  If I could, I would replace my dinner table with this.

gaarcadevar.jpg (118870 bytes) Another variation of the Golden Axe arcade machine.  This one looks like something someone built in their garage with a few spare car parts and an old RCA TV.

goldenaxeflyer.jpg (110456 bytes) The original arcade flyer.

goldax.jpg (92212 bytes) Golden Axe owner's manual.

goldna12.gif (24300 bytes) Women and children and dragons, oh my!

goldna06.gif (23287 bytes) Fight on Gilius Thunderhead!

goldna26.gif (23914 bytes) Gilius + Dragon = Doom to Knights

group.jpg (65869 bytes) Choose your hero and begin your fight.

bird.jpg (69845 bytes) Good thing Gilius is a friend to all giant birds.

bomb.jpg (97322 bytes) Ax plays around with Global Thermal Nuclear War.

beer.jpg (65948 bytes) Look close . . . it's the Sega Beer Gardens.

love.jpg (88644 bytes) What is going on in this picture?  Unknown, but probably illegal.

stomp.jpg (92050 bytes) Henchmen are never to busy to stomp on the helpless.

troll.jpg (97132 bytes) Take this evil, blue troll!

trollattack.jpg (87118 bytes) Burn, baby, burn!

worm1.jpg (99545 bytes) I wonder where are those snakes are going . . .

worm2.jpg (101499 bytes) . . . it seems as if they are crawling toward that helmet . . . 

worm3.jpg (105287 bytes) . . . that's weird, they seem to be forming together . . . 

worm4.jpg (102865 bytes) . . . what's happening, Gilius? . . . 

worm5.jpg (107867 bytes) Is that . . . could it be . . . 

death.jpg (101528 bytes) . . . The Death Adder!

fist.jpg (99646 bytes) Death Adder throw his mighty punches at the ground.

grade.jpg (89503 bytes) When it's all over, Gilius is a C-Student.

Electronic Gaming Monthly makes a comparison between Golden Axe and Lord of the Rings.

utunnels sends in this Golden Axe arcade bug.  Watch a "mystic Longmoan sit on the back of the chicken leg when the player was falling down."  Click to see the animated GIF.

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