The Golden Axe Resource, Death Adder's Castle

Golden Axe Original Arcade Game

One of the most interesting things about the original Golden Axe are the opening and closing sequences.  They are presented here, for your personal enjoyment.
open1.jpg (85314 bytes)

The Beginning

Gilius arrives on the scene to see his friend Alex being attacked by one of Death Adder's henchmen.

open2.jpg (84600 bytes) Gilius arrives to help, but is he too late?

open3.jpg (84531 bytes) Ask and ye shall be answered, oh wise Gilius.

open4.jpg (85779 bytes) Heroes are needed!

open5.jpg (84877 bytes) Vengeance is the best medicine.

open7.jpg (89302 bytes) You will be avenged, Alex!

dead1.jpg (92731 bytes)

The Ending

Gilius knocks Death Adder down, but will it be enough?

dead2.jpg (92765 bytes) Death Adder appears shaken, but he is sure to get back up and fight!

dead3.jpg (93362 bytes) What's that?  An axe falling from the sky?

dead4.jpg (93815 bytes) Yep, it's an axe.  But I'm sure Death Adder will move out of the way.

dead5.jpg (94398 bytes) Too late!

dead6.jpg (93414 bytes) The King and Princess are saved!

end1.jpg (42402 bytes) Meanwhile, in a Japanese arcade, young children are playing "Great Axe."

end2.jpg (43236 bytes) When, strangely, the machine starts to smoke.

end3.jpg (45742 bytes) And out pops one of Death Adder's henchmen.

end4.jpg (52209 bytes) Followed by more and more.

end5.jpg (57829 bytes) The children, fearing for their lives, run for the door.

end6.jpg (56484 bytes) From beyond the grave, Death Adder shouts, "Seize them!"

end7.jpg (45742 bytes) But the heroes pop out and are in close pursuit.

end8.jpg (51075 bytes) Outside the arcade, the Japanese streets are quiet.

end9.jpg (55458 bytes) Then the sweet sounds of frightened, running children fill the air.

end11.jpg (54105 bytes) No worries . . . our heroes are also in pursuit.

end12.jpg (65817 bytes) See you next game!

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