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  Napoleon's Last Battle

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Official Files

  Name Of File
File Size
  Waterloo: Napoleon's Last Battle - Demo
37.4 MB
  Waterloo Patch 1.001
2.5 MB
Waterloo Patch 1.002
2 MB

  Waterloo: Napoleon's Last Battle - Demo

Take command of either Wellington's or Napoleon's great armies in an attempt to change history in this most famous of 19th century battles. Using the powerful engine originally developed for Sid Meier's Gettysburg, every attack, win, retreat, and defeat is accurately portrayed in this exciting new combat strategy demo.

**Version 1.000**

  Waterloo Patch 1.002

WARNING!!!!! Old saved games from versions 1.000 and 1.001 will not work with version 1.002. You must start new games with this version.


(1) ANIMATION FRAME-RATE ENHANCEMENTS - Improvements have been made to animation frame rates. Units should move more smoothly on the march, and should not appear as "jerky" or "mechanical" as they did in previous versions.
(2) MOVE ON RIGHT CLICK - You can now move a unit by selecting it, and then right-clicking on the desired destination. This "preference" is on the Preference Screen and can be toggled on/off as desired. "Move on Right Click" also works in conjunction with "Auto Move Brigade". If you have both toggled "on", then a leader's entire brigade will move on the right click.
(3) RANDOMIZING BATTLE LOCATIONS - The Battle Location screen under the DYOB feature now has a toggle to randomize the battle location of a newly created scenario. If you have the "Always Random" feature toggled "on" when you save a newly created scenario, then each time you open the scenario to play it, the program randomly selects new objective sites.
(4) PROTECTING BATTERIES IN SQUARES - Artillery units can now be protected by infantry squares. When an artillery unit is near an infantry unit (within roughly 70 yards) in a fully-formed Square, the gun battery's crew can be placed in the square for protection (one artillery unit per square). To shelter an artillery unit's crew inside a square, follow these steps:
(a) Place the infantry and artillery units beside each other (within about 70 yards, or 1 grid square if you have the game's grid "on"); (b) Put the infantry unit in Square;
(c) As soon as the infantry unit finishes forming square, the artillery crew will be able
to enter the square; (d) Select the artillery unit again, and notice that it will now have the regular "Square" formation button activated; (e) With the artillery unit selected, select the Square command. The gun crew immediately begins to blink, and will continue blinking until it reaches the square and hides. The blinking reflects the time it takes for the crew to move to the square and enter it. How quickly an artillery crew moves into a square is based on its Quality (the higher its quality the faster it moves); (f) Once the battery's crew stops blinking, it is considered safely "inside" the square. The battery's map icon now shows no figures standing beside the cannon and its flag "dulls" out. While the battery is in this "abandoned" state it can no longer fire or be moved. (g) Notice that the Square button for both the infantry unit and the artillery unit changes. It is now shown as a hollow square with a dot. This reflects that the battery's crew is sheltering inside the infantry square.

To have the gun crew move back to its battery, either... (a) Change the formation of the protecting infantry unit, or (b) Select the "abandoned" artillery piece and press its Square button, or (c) Select the "abandoned" battery and give it a move order. The "move" order won't actually be implemented (an abandoned battery can't be moved), but its crew will interpret this as an order to reman their guns. The crew will return to its guns (in a speed reflective of its quality).
: An artillery unit will usually move into a square automatically if it is within 70 yards of the square and is threatened by enemy cavalry. The AI determines the severity of the threat and "automatically" moves your gun crews to safety. This means that you do not have to keep constant watch over your gun batteries (assuming, of course, that you've taken the necessary steps to put your gun batteries and infantry squares in close proximity).
(5) DESIGN-YOUR-OWN BATTLES "OFFENSIVE" TYPE MISSIONS AND NUMBER OF VP LOCATIONS - The number of VP sites in "offensive" type DYO battles has been modified to the following:
COLONEL RANK: 60% chance of 1 objective; 40% chance of 2 objectives
GENERAL RANK: 40% chance of 1 objective; 60% chance of 2 objectives
MARSHAL RANK: 50% chance of 2 objectives; 50% chance of 3 objectives
EMPEROR RANK: 30% chance of 2 objectives; 40% chance of 3 objectives; 30% chance of 4 objectives. Also, all "Long" type Offensive missions have one extra VP over and above the number(s) they get as per the chart above. Thus, playing a "Long General" scenario, you have a 40% chance of 2 objectives, and a 60% chance of 3 objectives. The one exception to this is that "Long Emperor" scenarios will never have more than 4 objectives in an Offensive mission.
(6) ADDING NEW LEADER PICTURES - The game code has been modified to allow players to add new leader pictures up to "smgen00199".
(7) ADDING NEW SCENARIOS - The game code has been modified to allow players to add new scenarios up to "water199.scn".
(8) HOTKEYS - The F4 hotkey (which could already be used to jump to the location mentioned in a newly-displayed courier message) has been modified. If you press "F4" a second time you are taken back to your previous location.
(9) GAME SPEED - The "Slow" speed has been modified to represent "real-time" (meaning, one minute of game time on the Slow speed now reflects approximately one minute of real time).
(10) CHANGING DIFFICULTY IN A MULTI-PLAYER GAME - A player participating in a multi-player game can no longer change the difficulty level he is playing at. Players can still specify different difficulty levels before a multi-player game starts, however.
(11) COMMAND BUTTONS - All command buttons (which blink on and off to indicate activation) now blink at a consistent rate, regardless of game speed.
(12) RETREATING UNITS RETAIN FLAG - If a unit has just conducted a charge and does not rout but instead simply retreats away from the attack to reform, it will retain its flag. This is different from previous versions, where both retreating and routing units lost their flags after the charge. This should help you better distinguish between retreating and routing units. Also, a unit retreating will have its retreat path marked with a yellow arrow.
(13) MASS COLUMNS - The Mass Column formation has been improved so that the battalions of each brigade form together and the brigades form up one after the other.


(1) SCENARIO UPDATES - A number of scenarios have been modified to improve balance, and some minor anomalies were disovered and fixed. The biggest changes were made to "La Grande Armee" ("water62.scn"). All French units have been "deactivated" to start the scenario. This is due to requests by customers stating that as soon as the scenario started they had to spend a good deal of time as a French commander going around the battlefield deactivating units to conserve Army Morale. Now, as the French commander, you must instead decide which units to "activate" to start the battle (and when). All front line Allied units remain "active" to start the battle, but all Allied units behind the front lines have also been deactivated. The only other major change is that the French 12-pounder guns in the center (those that
anchor the left flank of the Grand Battery) have been activated and can now be moved by the French commander. All other changes to the updated scenario files were minor.
(2) GATHERING ARTILLERY IN DYOB SCENARIOS - Corps and Division commanders are now able to gather their own artillery in "Design Your Own" battles. In versions 1.000 and 1.001, only Army commanders could be used to gather artillery in DYO battle.
(3) UNIT MOVEMENT & GAME TIME SYNCH PROBLEM - In versions 1.000 and 1.001, in the same space of game time, the units of a player using a faster computer would sometimes move farther on the battlefield than units moving when the game was played on a slower machine. This has been fixed.
(4) DEACTIVATED UNITS MOVING - In versions 1.000 and 1.001, "deactivated" units would sometimes move for no apparent reason. This problem has been addressed and should no longer occur.
(5) SUNKEN ROADS, COHESION AND CAVALRY - Cavalry will now suffer an appropriate amount of cohesion loss when moving over sunken roads. This has the effect of weakening cavalry somewhat, since the success or failure of a charge depends in large part on the charging unit's cohesion at the moment it clashes with its target. Charges across or into sunken roads will be more difficult to pull off. Cavalry can charge across sunken roads (contrary to what's specified in the manual), but this modification should make the charge weaker.
(6) ROUTED UNITS - Routed units should now exit the map.
(7) LEADER PROXIMITY - Leaders controlled by the AI should remain a little closer to their troops.
(8) DIVISIONAL LEADERS - A divisional leader should now keep better "pace" with his troops that have been given a divisional-level movement command.
(9) DYO BATTLE REINFORCEMENTS - A bug was fixed that caused "Late" reinforcments to arrive earlier than "Early" reinforcements. "Early" reinforcements arrive once the scenario is approximately 30% complete, and "Late" ones arrive once the battle is about 60% done.
(10) CAVALRY VS. CAVALRY MELEES - There was a bug associated with cavalry vs. cavalry melees where the angle of attack was not being correctly applied, causing inconsistent melee results to occur. This has been fixed.


(1) NEW PLAYTESTERS - We want to thank Chris Merchant and Larry Hookins for their invaluable help in testing patches 1.001 and 1.002. Thanks, guys!
(2) HOTKEYS - Two hotkeys were omitted from the hotkeys listed in the back of the manual. (a) "Move Oblique" - If you wish to order your troops to move "obliquely", select the (letter) O key as you move the unit. The movement arrow turns blue and as soon as you release the mouse button, and the selected unit will move obliquely to the designated location. (b) "Double-Click Retreat" - Double-clicking on the retreat button retreats a unit to its commander.
(3) REINFORCEMENT LOCATIONS & JUMP MAP - When a reinforcement arrives, you will receive a message in the message box (upper left hand corner). In addition, a small "flashing" yellow box appears on the Jump Map indicating where the reinforcements are located.


  Waterloo Patch 1.001
The following fixes/enhancements have been addressed in Waterloo-NBL Version 1.001:

(1) MP ADJUSTMENTS - Improvements to intermittent connection timeout in multiplayer games through GameSpy Arcade.
(2) FAST VS. SLOW MACHINES IN MP GAMES - Faster machines should now play at the slow machine pace in multiplayer games.
(3) DELETE CUSTOM BATTLES - Fixes a "Delete Custom Battle" problem on the Create/Edit Battle screen. You should now be able to delete all custom designed scenarios from that screen.
(4) GRAPHICAL GLITCH - Fixes small graphical glitch with TCP/IP and Modem Connection dialog boxes.
(5) SFX FILES - Makes minor tweaks to existing sound effect files.
(6) SCENARIO FILE UPDATES - The following updates were made to existing scenario files:
(a) "LA GRANDE ARMEE" SCENARIO FILE - A minor error was found and fixed in one of the "variant" setups in the scenario.
(b) "DURUTTE'S SALIENT" SCENARIO FILE - Bony's troops are now available for activation at a cost for the French player, as specified in the scenario's Info Screen description.
(7) GAME CLOCK - Page 49 of the manual indicates that the clock face does not reflect extended play time when you "Return to Game". This is not correct. The clock face will reflect the extended time. Also, in version 1.001, the time extension for returning to game has been adjusted to roughly one hour, as originally intended. So when you "Return to Game" you will receive roughly one hour of extended time.
(8) PRUSSIAN "POOR" TROOPS AND SKIRMISHING - "Poor" Quality Prussian troops (i.e., Prussian troops that are officially classified as "Poor") can no longer form Skirmish formation. However, in some of the scenarios, you'll notice that some Prussian troop that have only 2 morale blocks (i.e., this indicates "Poor" status) can still Skirmish. This means that these Prussian troops are not actually Poor, but have been degraded from a higher quality status. Prussian troops that have been degraded to Poor status from a higher Quality still retain their Skirmish capability.
(9) ARTILLERY FIRING LINES AND RANGE INDICATORS - Two bugs were fixed dealing with the artillery range indicators: One bug was in the display. The firing lines were using distances as the crow-flies rather than elevation modified distances. The latter should have been used and now is. The second bug was in the sound effect code, which caused the range of certain types of artillery to be changed.
(10) DOUBLE-LINE FORMATION - Brigades with an odd number of battalions (i.e., 3,5, or 7) will now form Double-Line more accurately so that the back rank fully supports all front rank battalions.
(11) TROOP QUALITY REDUCTION - To better display Troop Quality reductions in afternoon scenarios, a unit which has had it Quality reduced will have its "Quality" marked in red in its Troop Info Display (see p. 37 in the manual). For example, in "The Guard Knows How to Die," Gen.Marquis Jamin's brigade of Elite Guard Grenadiers (The Gods) have been reduced in Quality to "Experienced" (4 morale blocks). This is to reflect the fact that this cavalry brigade has already been engaged throughout the battle and thus its fighting effectiveness has been reduced. This reduction is now more clearly displayed in the Troop Info Display.
(12) CUSTOM MAP GENERATION - Some adjusments have been made to improve map creation: (a) The "MapCreation.txt" has been updated to make if more clear that you MUST set the right dimensions in your files; (b) The jump map will now show up on the display and show the roads & troops that the new scenario requires.
(13) DOUBLED REINFORCEMENTS - In some circumstances, reinforcements (when activated) were being doubled (e.g., six battalions would duplicate into 12 battalions). This problem should now be fixed.


The voice actor for the Prussian voice commands was Craig Childers, not "Chris" as stated in the manual. Sorry, Craig!

ROTATE CAMERA ANGLE 45 DEGREES LEFT AND RIGHT - There has been confusion about the use of the hotkeys "Comma" and "Period" to rotate the camera angle. To clarify: If you select the Comma key (,) the camera angle always shifts 45 degrees LEFT of its current facing; if you select the period key (.) the camera angle always shifts 45 degrees RIGHT of its current facing.

Below are the adjustments to AI Ranged Fire and Melee effectiveness by Difficulty Level:

Ranged Fire Combat:
Difficulty Gives Damage Takes Damage
Colonel 80% 125%
General 90% 111%
Marshal 100% 100%
Emperor 120% 83%

Melee Combat:
Difficulty Gives Damage Takes Damage
Colonel 75% 133%
General 88% 114%
Marshal 100% 100%
Emperor 112% 89%

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