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The Sid Meier File Utility (SMFiles) (Click To Download)
Formerly Known As The Larry Hookins Gettysburg/Antietam
File Utility
--New-- Version 1.5 --New--

Please note that the SMFiles Utility will work with both Sid Meier's
Gettysburg and Sid Meier's Antietam. See note at end.


SMFiles is a file utility for Sid Meier's Gettysburg and Sid Meier's
Antietam. With it you may install alternate filesets for the
original game, automatically backing up the original game files.
Later you may restore the original game files.

Alternate filesets can include new artwork to replace the artwork
that came with the game, or new sounds, or new scenarios, or new map
files. The SMFiles Utility will replace any of the original game
files with new files, automatically copying the original game files
to a backup folder.

For example, you may wish to try out the Gettysburg map and scenarios
with Sid Meier's Antietam, but you want to make sure you can restore
the original Antietam files when you are done. The SMFiles Utility
will copy your original Antietam files to a backup folder, then copy
the Gettysburg fileset to your Antietam folder. Only the files that
the Gettysburg fileset uses will be backed up, conserving disk space.
When you wish to use another fileset, the SMFiles Utility will
restore the original Antietam files, then copy the new fileset to the
Antietam folder and make new backups of the Antietam files that are
being overwritten.

One fileset at a time

Currently, the SMFiles Utility will only allow you to install one
alternate fileset at a time. If you wish to install a second fileset
along with the first (for example, to install both an alternate sound
fileset and an alternate artwork fileset), create a new fileset by
combining files from two or more existing filesets in a new folder.


To install the SMFiles Utility, go to the Sid Meier's Gettysburg or
Sid Meier's Antietam game folder and create a new folder called
SMFiles. Copy the SMFiles.exe and SMFiles.txt files to this new
folder. These should be the only files in the SMFiles folder. Then,
go to the SMFiles folder and run the SMFiles Utility. This will
create a new file, SMFiles.ini.

For each alternate fileset you wish to use, create a new folder in
the SMFiles folder and copy the alternate fileset to the new folder.
The name of the new folder is the name SMFiles uses to identify the

When you first install the SMFiles Utility, you should have the
original game files in the game folder. These files will be saved as
backup files and will be restored later.

How to install a new fileset to Sid Meier's Gettysburg or Antietam

Run the SMFiles Utility, and select the number of a fileset. The
files from that fileset's folder will be copied to the game folder,
and the files that are being replaced will be copied to the SMFiles
Utility folder, and a new file, SMFiles.dat will be created to tell
the SMFiles Utility which fileset is currently installed.

If an alternate fileset is already installed when the SMFiles Utility
is run, the original saved files will be restored before the new files
are installed. See above for how to have more than one alternate file
set installed at the same time.

Some Notes

You can run this program from a shortcut, as long as the working
directory is set to the folder where the SMFiles Utility program

Using the SMFile Utility with Sid Meier's Gettysburg

The SMFile Utility will also work with Sid Meier's Gettysburg.
Install the SMFiles Utility in a new folder in the SMG game folder,
and create new folders under the SMFiles Utility folder for each
alternate fileset. If you have the original SMGFiles Utility, move
all the alternate fileset folders from the SMG games folder to the
SMFiles Utility folder. Don't forget to restore the original game
files from the SMGFiles Utility, which may then be deleted.

The following is the help information from the program:

Install this program in a new empty folder under your main game folder.
Install new filesets in their own separate folders under the SMFiles folder.
Filesets are identified by their folder names.
This program will back up the original game files to the SMFiles folder.
This program will automatically restore the original files
before installing the new fileset.
Note that only one fileset may be installed at a time.
To install more than one fileset, create a new fileset by combining old ones.
You may restore the original game files at any time.

Good luck! Comments to

  Mr. Ed's Scenario Editor

This Editor allows you to create your own Sid Meier's Gettysburg Scenarios.
[Editor's Note]If you are going to create your own scenarios for Sid Meier's Gettysburg, it is highly reccomended that you use notepad or Wordpad. To make your own scenarios, head over to The Devil's Den, which has some top quality tutorials, located in the Gettysburg and Antietam sections.

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