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Official Files

  Name Of File
  Sid Meier's Gettysburg Patch 3  
  Sid Meier's Gettysburg Foriegn Languge Fix
  Sid Meier's Gettysburg Art Unlocker
Not Required
  Gettysburg 3 Day Scenario
  Gettysburg Desktop Theme  
  Sid Meier's Gettysburg Demo (Union Variant)  
  Sid Meier's Gettysburg Demo (Confederate Variant)    

Sid Meier's Gettysburg Patch 3

"Sid Meier's Gettysburg! Read Me
Version 1.0

This file contains late-breaking news on Sid Meier's Gettysburg!...all the things you need to know that didn't make it into the manual.

Install Guide Errata:
* You must have the CD in the drive to play the second day of the battle or create a multiplayer session.
* You are no longer required to select a language when installing.
* You now have the option to bypass DirectX install during setup (you will be asked if you want to install DirectX 5 after installing the game. Note that you need DirectX version 5.0 or later to run the game).
* The install guide says to click READY when you are ready to begin a multiplayer game; actually you click NOT READY and it changes to READY.
* There is an extra choice in Custom Install: you can now choose to install Additional Art to the hard drive (basically the pictures that introduce each scenario).

Manual Errata:
* --NEW FEATURE!-- At the lowest level of difficulty, when the currently selected unit is not visible onscreen the words 'Click Here' will appear in the map compass; clicking the compass will return the map to the selected unit.
* --NEW FEATURE!-- Clicking the unit info at the bottom of the screen will call up the Order of Battle screen; clicking the Scenario Clock will call up the Scenario
Status screen, and pressing the F9 key will call up the Preferences menu.
* --NEW FEATURE!-- There is a now a Hall of Valor that stores the seven highest scores achieved in a full battle. It is accessible through the Reports menu.
* --NEW FEATURE!-- Whenever you quit, the current game is automatically saved as quit.sav. Whenever you end a scenario, the current game is saved as end.sav. Every 15 game minutes, the current game is saved as autosave.sav.
* --NEW SCENARIOS!-- There are four new scenarios not mentioned in the manual: Meade Reacts: Bricker Farm; The First Day: Meeting Engagement; The Second Day: Echelon Attack!; and Stonewall Jackson: Alternate Gettysburg. The First and Second day scenarios are especially designed for multiplayer.
* --NEW PREFERENCE!-- There is now a Fewer/More Units in Scenario preference that determines how many units are present in each scenario.
* --NEW PREFERENCE!-- There is now a preference that allows you to adjust the sound volume, from Off to Very Loud.
* --NEW FEATURES!-- There are some features detailed on the last page of the Install Guide...don't miss them!
* Cavalry will not accumulate battle stress when moving in Skirmish formation.
* You can now save your game from the End of Scenario screen (except in the first scenario when the Save Game button is replaced by a Tutorial button). The Quit button referred to in the manual is now a Return to Main Menu button.
* The Drill on the Parade Ground tutorial is now called Drilling on the Field.
* Golden Opportunity: Will's Woods starts at 1:30 p.m., not 1:00 the manual states.
* Sickle's Folly: The Peach Orchard starts at 5:30 p.m., not 5:00 the manual states.
* Turning Point: The Devil's Den is now called Turning Point: Little Round Top.

Ref Card Errata:
* Clarification: When replacing a default game view with a custom view, pressing Shift-F2 replaces the Find Fighting view, pressing
Shift-F3 replaces the Find Largest Objective view, and pressing
Shift-F4 replaces the Find Last Important Point view.
* When a report comes in you will hear 'Reporting, General!', not 'Reporting Sir!'

Notes on using Voice over Data (voice chat) in Multiplayer Gettysburg:

You must have the GSM610 audio codec installed for voice over data to work. Verify this by opening Control Panel\Multimedia\Advanced\
Audio Compression Codecs, where the Microsoft GSM 6.10 Audio CODEC
should be listed, and double-click the codec to verify that it has been enabled.

If transmitted sound is too soft, raise the microphone level from the Windows Volume control panel. Do this by double clicking the speaker icon on the task bar. If you don't have a speaker icon choose Start\Programs\Accessories\Multimedia\Volume Control. Once the Volume Control panel is open pull down the Options menu and click on Properties. In the "Adjust Volume For" group select Recording and click OK. Now your mixer panel will show a microphone slider which you can adjust accordingly.

The sound driver will use any memory installed on the sound card which will help game performance. It works best with a 16-bit sound card although it will work with an 8-bit sound card. Be sure the correct sound device is selected in the Control Panel\Multimedia\Playback\Preferred Device list box. Use the native device fromthe manufacturer of your sound card; for example, if you have a
Sound Blaster 16, choose the device of that name as your Preferred Device. There is no need to try a Game Compatible Sound Device (if you have one) unless you are having sound problems.

See the Install Guide for basic info on voice chat"


Sid Meier's Gettysburg Foriegn Languge Fix


Extract the following two files into the Sid Meier's Gettysburg! folder to correct a problem with the Preferences menu in German and French versions of the game. This problem only occurs when using Patch 3.



Sid Meier's Gettysburg Art Unlocker

"These are unencrypted versions of some game art. You can just place these versions in the main game directory after saving off the original PCX files. I'd strongly recommend not changing any art dimensions. Also, sorry, but thereis no documentation on what each PCX actually does in the game. Have fun!

Jason Coleman
Firaxis Games"


Gettysburg 3 Day Scenario

The whole she-bang. It's the official battle crammed into one scenario, designed by Firaxis. Just unzip into the Sid Meier's Gettysburg folder in Windows Explorer, where the other scenarios are located.


Gettysburg Theme Pack

"YOU MUST HAVE THE MICROSOFT PLUS PACK TO MAKE THE ENTIRE THEME WORK! Note that these themes will ONLY work in 16Bit (high) color or above."
[Editor- This is all the documentation known to exist. Has worked on Win95 + Plus, but has not been tested with Win98 or Win2k]


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