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Release Date: 1990

Genre: Action-Adventure

Developer: Nintendo IRD
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     Many believe StarTropics to be the sister-game to The Legend of Zelda, and although it has a few similarities, it's really doing its own thing. Most people are fooled by this when they see the file select screen, the hearts for life, and the overhead-style gameplay. Unlike Zelda, this game is completely linear, and has a constant storyline. Where they story comes in is when you are in the mad-mode. It's overhead and blocky, reminiscent of an old RPG, and like an old RPG you do a lot talking to people and traveling.
     The story in this game is comical, and refreshing. You assume the role of a 15-year-old boy from Seattle visiting his uncle Dr. Jones on a tropical island called C-Island. When you arrive on this island, you discover that your uncle has been abducted by aliens, so you set out in a submarine(Called Sub-C), traveling from island to island searching for your uncle.
     One of the biggest turn-offs in this game for people is the play control. If you try to walk in a direction, it takes half a second for Mike to actually start moving. The designers did this to make you be able to turn in different directions without walking. People are also bugged by the fact that you have to jump(you can't just walk onto them) onto the green blocks that populate the islands. Get over that one folks, it adds a lot to the game.
     All in all, this game is extremely fun to play, and includes one of the most satisfying endings ever to be in a game. YOU should really give it a try!

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