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Please read the following requirements before sending in your Highscores and Replay files:

[+] please ensure you REMOVE the NVRAM folder from the main MacMAME folder when recording your game. NVRAM holds information specific to the game and it's configuration (highscore settings etc), which screws up playback on other machines.

[+] Please include your full name, hometown and country.

[+] Submissions with partial names or alias' will not be considered.

[+] If you have questions about settings for a particular game please email me by clicking on the address in the footer. (Not all games have official settings).

[+] Screen shots showing the final score AND screen number are greatly preferred. INP (replay) files are regarded as the highest level of proof, especially if you sign your initials at the end of your game. In the case of #1 ranked scores, an INP file is required. Generally for a much lower ranked score a screenshot is sufficient, however a score proven with only a screenshot may not always be accepted, and further proof may be required.

[+] In the case of the inp file not playing back correctly, the score will not be accepted. It is the responsibility of the
player to provide a working INP file

[+] Note that for most Williams games you can keep hitting '6' to advance to the difficulty settings screen for the earlier versions of MacMAME. In later versions it is the F2 key. Defender is a special case: you must hit F1+F2 at the same time, then scroll through the options with the F2 key and adjust the option with the 7 key (unless the defaults have been changed of course).

[+] The following games must be proven by INP file:
Missile Command
Star Gate

[+] The player can then send in the file for verification to the address in the footer via email (just click on the footer image). Please compress these files in either .zip or .sit format. Always document which version of MAME you used to generate the INP file, e.g. operating system, sound on/off, samples yes/no, mame version. In general it is recommended to NOT USE SAMPLES as this makes the timing of the INP file machine-specific, i.e. the inp file will only playback properly
on your own machine!

[+] Avoid using old versions as some do not read the dip switches correctly. Generally, it's better to use the newest
version of MacMAME possible.

[+] Be sure to use the proper romset where different versions exist. Using the newest version of roms provides the best gameplay and the least bugs. In general it is best to use the new version and avoid the old version.


Old Romset(s)

New Romset








joustwr, joustr





[+] The game Scramble is a special case. In different versions of MacMAME different romset names were used to mean "scramble". Since the Stern version of Scramble is harder than the Komani version, only scores achieved on the Stern version are accepted. Note that at the start of the game the copyright message (c) Stern 1981 should be seen.

Acceptability Issues

[+] Earlier versions of MacMAME did not handle the dip switch settings correctly in Missile Command. Always use the newest version of MacMAME. Using a FINAL version of MacMAME, rather than a beta version is greatly preferred.

[+] In the case of games that roll fairly easily, e.g. Space Invaders, Galaga or Centipede we need multiple screen shots depicting each roll over, or better yet, the INP file. It is possible to use the 2nd player on Galaga to show scores over 1 million, and even 10 million!

[+] Tricks which violate the "spirit of the game" are greatly discouraged since they make the game too easy to play for
extended periods of time. The game philosophy of Invader is to make skill more important than endurance. Some examples of games which have back doors or tricks include:
- Using a speed up cheat on any game
- Using the rack advance feature on any game
- Making the bugs on Galaga stop firing
- Setting extra men to 255
- Using turbo buttons on games like Track N Field, Hyper Sports
(however using joysticks/tracballs without turbo buttons is fine)
- Using power-up tricks in Bubble Bobble
- Using programmable joysticks or other controllers
- Using slo-mo type programs to slow the game down
- Using a slow computer to slow the game down

[+] In some games the American and Japanese versions are significantly different, e.g. Black Tiger (American version) and Black Dragon (Japanese version). Black Tiger is actually a cut down version of Black Dragon with less screens and therefore scores lower. Another example of this is Amidar, which has different dip switch settings for the American and Japanese versions. Where scoring and/or game play differences exist in American and Japanese games they will be treated separately.

[+] "Scabbing" for points is generally discouraged. Scabbing is tolerated in Williams games with limited men, and also games which have set endings beyond which you can not continue. In these cases it is the only way to increase your score.

[+] Due to the step-ladder bonus feature of games like Tempest and Millipede, all games are required to start on the first screen. Once a player has started on the first screen, warping to a higher screen is permissible.

[+] Continuing your game with an additional credit is not permitted.

[+] Playing a game at a low frame rate, e.g. less than 90% also violates the "spirit of the game". Try to avoid playing games at low frame rates by using the frame skip feature in MacMAME. If the game is too slow for your machine, DO NOT use Auto Frame Skip, this can screw up playback - don't try and play the game!

[+] It is permissible to use a mouse or a trackball.

[+] As a general rule, the more evidence you can provide to document your scores, the more likely it will be considered for the Invader Highscore tables - INP files in particular offer the greatest level of verfication!

[+] always check the Replay file yourself to ensure it is working properly. Any non-working Replays sent to us will be deemed void - if you can't view it, neither can we!

[+] Game settings found in the Misc Tab of the MacMAME front-end = turn the following OFF...

[enable automatic frame skipping]
[allow cheats]

Recording your Replay (INP) File

Before playing your game, click on the MISC tab and choose 'save replay'. Choose the destination for the saved file, and hit SAVE.

Ensure you remove your NVRAM folder from the main MacMAME Folder - you can always place it on your desktop for safekeeping. Make sure you have your game selected correctly from the game menu on the left and hit PLAY. Your game will now automatically record. Once your game has finished, take a screenshot (by hitting F12 in OS9 or COMMAND-G in OSX), which will save a '.png' file in the SCREENSHOTS folder within the main MacMAME folder (in OS9 (OSX version will ask you which location you would like to save the screenshot)). In the newer versions of MacMAME, if you save more than one screenshot, it will be saved as sharrier0001.png, sharrier0002.png etc - please make sure you send in the corresponding one to the replay file!

Send both the SCREENSHOT and the REPLAY file with a readme.txt file stating game/ROMset info as stated above in the main rules section to the Invader Team via e-mail - click on footer directly below.

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