The Golden Axe Resource, Death Adder's Castle

Golden Axe - Supporting Cast

The Royal Family, King and Princess

Without them and their troubles, our heroes might still be selling ox-meat sandwiches on some street corner.


Timid but gracious, the townsfolk roll willingly with the Death Adder's punches.  They dream fancifully about heroes yet to come as their houses burn around them.  They also have a strange ability to build villages on the backs of turtles and eagles.


Small thieves.  Evil dressed in blue and green.  Always a moment away from stealing back the very Magic Pots they wish to contribute.  Respond negatively to being kicked, slashed, or burned.


As much a part of the landscape as any other, the creatures create both formidable opponents and allies in the quest against Death Adder's forces.  They appear to be house broken, but it is advised that they not be brought in as pets.


Where would any of us be without Alex?  It is his sad, pathetic death at the beginning of the first Golden Axe that starts our heroes on their long journey to Death Adder's Castle.

Alex . . . your sacrifice will not be forgotten!   For some great Alex controversy, check this out.


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