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Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder


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goldenaxe1.jpg (36159 bytes) Golden Axe: The Revenge of the New Logo

My machine.  To learn more, check here.

goldenaxeII.jpg (40280 bytes) Something so small brings so much joy.

goldenaxe2.jpg (20046 bytes) Another shot of the machine.  Purists will immediately recognize this isn't the real version of the 4-player game.

A different Golden Axe machine.  Also notice the other "classic" games in the back.  This is how I dream my garage will be some day.

Same machine as above, but a different angle.  I'd like to get a shot at that Super Pac-Man machine as well.

Close up of the control panel.  What's more fun than mass killing with four of your friends?  Nothing, that's what.

Flyer1.jpg (259932 bytes) Original GA:TRODA flyer (Front)

Flyer2.jpg (315144 bytes) Original GA:TRODA flyer (Back).  The flyer makes claim to the "junction points" that exist in the game.  While they do exist, a player eventually loops back to those same points and is forced to take the alternate path to "disperse" the enemy ambushes.  False advertising?  You be the judge.

Spanish advertisement for the game.  Translation anyone?

gaxe2-03.jpg (21486 bytes) Gilius calls for a little help from above.  The Skull-fog being blown causes human enemies to turn to stone before dying.  All other enemies are cast to the ground, some never to rise again.

gaxe2-05.jpg (27150 bytes) Goah and Gilius go for a ride.

gaxe2-04.jpg (36488 bytes) Dora and Trix are no tree-huggers.  The stalagmites shown throughout this level can actually be broken off with a quick strike and sent flying into the tree-enemies for an instant kill.

gaxe2-01.jpg (24785 bytes) Dora, Little Trix, Sternblade, Gilius, and Goah pose for a rare "group" photo.  Sternblade is casting his fire-spell.

ga2_1.jpg (29754 bytes) Shot from the emulated copy.  Notice how Sternblade exists only as a shadow of his true self.  Also notable are the actions of the soldier in the purple on the far right.  Wonder why he isn't attacking?  He's actually whipping a towns-woman, seen just barely behind fallen corpses, wearing a blue smock.  Scenes like this abound in GA:TRODA, and the townsfolk always seem to have a Magic Pot reward in hand.

wipga2b.gif (30178 bytes) Scene from the opening of the game.  Evil soldiers ride away with villagers trapped inside wooden cages.  Visions such as this one are common place in the world of Golden Axe.   Unfortunately, even by the end of the game, our heroes never do run across these caged people and are never able to free them.  In fact, they undoubtedly killed the captors.  We can only hope they left the keys behind.

stone1.jpg (46706 bytes) Goah and Gilius use their magic to call down a smoky evil!

stone1a.jpg (21484 bytes) What shall become of this evil man encased in Goah's cloud of doom?

stone2.jpg (27651 bytes) Why, he has turned to stone!

burn11.jpg (51308 bytes) Not to be outdone, Sternblade unleashes his fiery fury.

burn1.jpg (43850 bytes) Doesn't look good for Death Adder's evil minion.

burn2.jpg (107981 bytes) In fact, it looks down right painful.

burn3.jpg (113002 bytes) Yep, that's going to sting in the morning.

GoahAdder.jpg (75820 bytes) Goah and The Death Adder face off for the last time.  What happens is too horrible to talk about.

Nice shot of the Death Adder, after losing his shield, about to pound a little "justice" into his enemies.  Thanks to Tex for sending it in.

DACastle.jpg (39142 bytes) A good shot of Death Adder's Castle before the do-gooder's arrive.

Castle2.jpg (39213 bytes) After "killing" the Death Adder, the so-called heroes ruin his precious monument.

Castle3.jpg (39286 bytes) Even in ruin, Death Adder's Castle still spreads beauty across the land.

More shots of battling the Death Adder.  See the DA give Goah a piece of his mind.

Sternblade wisely avoids the DA's half-ring of cloudy evil!

Why does the Death Adder have a halo over his head?  The world may never know.

Dora does her thing to the evil, evil trees.

The following ten spritesheets show all the animations of Stearnblade in Revenge of Death Adder.  Thanks to PsySonic for creating them and sending them in.

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