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Golden Axe The Duel

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goldenaxetheduel_j.jpg (141717 bytes) Original arcade flyer.

axe1.jpg (25797 bytes) Green versus Blade.  What ever happened to Ax Battler?

Copy of axe2.jpg (24202 bytes) Jamm versus Ponchos.  Would either of these fighters stand a chance against the hordes of evil on Turtle Island?

Death Adder stands tall and proud.

Doc is ready for battle.

Fight on, Gilius.

Green does his thing.

Jamm's condition is genetic.

Kain, sword high and ready, prepares for battle.

Keel thinks about Icees.

Sweet, precious Milan.  Kill for your supper!

Panchos likes tacos.

A Zoma is a Zoma is a Zoma.

Evil rules.

GoldenAxescr.jpg (47123 bytes) Cut away picture from a Golden Axe: The Duel advertisement.  Nice shot of the Death Adder's lethal sliding kicks.

950732577212_Golden_Axe_Duel.jpg (65069 bytes) Golden Axe: The Duel, as it appeared one year later on the Sega Saturn.

wpe6.jpg (27616 bytes) Back of the box.  They mention in the text that the Death Adder's has been resurrected for the third time.  Third time?  Golden Axe I, III, and Golden Axe: ROTDA.  Doesn't that make four times?

duel.gif (62947 bytes) Japanese version of The Duel on the Saturn.

duel.jpg (74917 bytes) German version, I believe, of The Duel for the Saturn.

Ad for The Duel.

The following pictures and thoughts were sent in by Golden Axe Projects moderator, The Songbird.  After seeing her pictures, and reading her thoughts, be sure to check out her Golden Axe message board for all things Golden Axe.

I've only finished the first 3 duels so far, but I enjoy the game so far. I don't really care that it's so much like Street Fighter- it's a fun game, and that's what matters to me. I also love how you can play as Death Adder- and his armor changes colors! The most common color I've seen is red. I also played around with the 2P mode to experiment with moves, and on my first 2P duel Death Adder's armor was blue! I'm not sure if the silver armor appears for Player 1, or other colors for that matter.  Once I'm better at dueling and I make more progress, I'll share the experience.

Another thing I really like about The Duel is that you can set the difficulty in a few ways:

1. How strong Players 1 and 2 are.

2. Difficulty of the game itself

3. What moves you use- You can challenge yourself by using complex combos, or just figure out your opponent's weakness and use cheap desperation moves.

I also listened to the characters' voices and the random phrases. Unfortunately, I don't understand any Japanese, but I love the voices! Zoma's was the funniest in my opinion- but his evil laugh can irritate you if you hear it too many times. I've noticed some similarities in the voices- Kain Blade's and Death Adder's voices are clearly from the same person- and possibly Panchos'. I think Jamm and Milan Flare's voices are also done by the same person.


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