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Starfleet Command: Inerviews: Trekkie 101

By Captain Starkiller for BlackOps Station, 2001-03-05

Webmaster and Modeler

(Interview conducted over MSN)

Captain Starkiller
How long have you been a member of the SFC Community?

Since Starfleet Command came out

Captain Starkiller
When did you actually begin crossing the line from player to creator?

Trekkie101 says:
About a few months after the game came out, it was in November of 1999, the same month SFC Ultimate Chronicles came online, I meet a guy in MPlayer, Oquendo, he did some texturing, I thought it would be great to start out a mod site like Newships.

Captain Starkiller
kewl... what was the name of your first site?

Trekkie101 says:
The funny thing about the same day I came up with the name, I was watching Marsith (Martian?) Chronicles
The first web site I made was for a Sim Group about 6 years ago called Starfleet Online for AOL
so Yes SFC Ultimate Chronicles was the first name of the site

Captain Starkiller
How do you like the web working portion of it? What tools do you prefer to use?
for HTML, I mean...

Trekkie101 says:
I enjoy the web work, I mostly use Notepad, but to get the basic layout I use Frontpage 98

Captain Starkiller
hehe... love that notepad...
How do you like being hosted by Telenation?

Trekkie101 says:
I really like, the bandwidth is better than one I had with Xtreme Network, I like the way they put all there downloads into one high speed server and the web server into smaller a little bit lesser servers

Captain Starkiller
now that you have the speed, the space, and an excellent layout, what are your plans for the future of SFCU?

Trekkie101 says:
I plan like any other SFC News web site, to be Number 1, I do have a few ideas for the web site in the up coming future

Captain Starkiller
I noticed the shipyards link... what's the plan with that?

Trekkie101 says:
Well Speedracer (The new recruit for SFCU) is thinking about opening a Vulcan Fleet Center at SFCU, so I was thinking about expanding that a little more, to include a few more races

Captain Starkiller
of your own models? Or will you begin hosting downloads for the community?

Trekkie101 says:
Hosting downloads for the community, currently we host models for Omega Sector, Captain Chad Simmonds' Works and Worgaus

Captain Starkiller:
Excellent news... I hear Omega Sector is moving in. Will you be assisting the others with their pages at all? Or just hosting their downloads?

Trekkie101 says:
We do offer web hosting to web site that are SFC related, I try to assisted them in any way I can to help them with there site.

Captain Starkiller
very cool.
now you are a modeler too. How do you like modeling?

Trekkie101 says:
I love it

Captain Starkiller
Are you able to both easily?

Trekkie101 says:
no, I have to slim down on my modeling for the web site
I find it to be a tough job everyday

Captain Starkiller
What programs do you like to use?

Trekkie101 says:
I like to use Lightwave, I currently learning how to use 3d Max

Captain Starkiller
What is your preferred Race and ERA?

Trekkie101 says:
Federation, I like to mostly to hang around the TNG era, but I do make a few TMP and TOS now and then

Captain Starkiller
what about when you play? Do you have a persona?

Trekkie101 says:
I don't normally play SFC that much, when I play SFC it's normally to test a model I'm working

Captain Starkiller
How long does it usually take you to make a model from idea to playing it in the game?

Trekkie101 says:
In Lightwave it only takes a few hours maybe a day, then I'll look for someone who would be willing to texture it, so it would take about a week maybe two

Captain Starkiller
Who do you use for texturing your models?

Trekkie101 says:
I used Paint Ship Pro 6
along with Uview to add the textures to the model

Captain Starkiller
kewl... you mentioned 'sending' the models to get textured... who do you send them to?

Trekkie101 says:
Anyone who is willing to texture them, Wicked has been nice to texture my last two models

Captain Starkiller
very kewl
Do you visit the forums at Taldren much? If so, do you like them?

Trekkie101 says:
I don't visit them that much, but the boards have seem good for the Community

Captain Starkiller
Do you play other games much?

Trekkie101 says:
I play Klingon Academy, Half Life: Counter-Strike, Star Trek Armada, and Star Trek New Worlds

Captain Starkiller
What kind of computer set up do you run?

Trekkie101 says:
Well I have two computers where I'm at right now, both on a network that is run on a cable modem, the one I'm on now is a 700 AMD k7, 256mb of Ram over 35 GB, Cd Writer, and DVD player, with a VooDoo3 3500
The left over machine which I call it, a 300 AMD k6, Voodoo3 1000, normal 24X cd Rom drive

Trekkie101 says:
have about 20 GB

Captain Starkiller
Is there anything else you would like to say to the community?

Trekkie101 says:
Well I don't much to say, but I hope the Community will be happy with the new web site SFCU

Captain Starkiller
thanks man!

Trekkie101 says:

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