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Starfleet Command: Inerviews: Moonraker

By Captain Starkiller for BlackOps Station, 2001-02-15

(Interview conducted over MSN)

When did you start modeling in the 3d environment?

I started about late '98 messing with cad programs and turning my 2d sketches into 3d forms, since acquiring other software I've been able to practice a lot of different things, and I'm always finding that there's more I can learn!

Which do you prefer? StudioMax or Lightwave?

hmm, that's a tough one, but I really prefer Lightwave since its modeler and layout are separate, as in MAX its all the same, it makes the modeling task a lot simpler. 
I use Lightwave primarily for my modeling purposes because of this.

Where do find your resources for texturing and modeling?

I find my modeling resources at many different places, I use the ship schematics database a lot, and to make my textures I try whenever possible to use the actual studio ships as reference. plus many many many pictures of them.

How do you like the new SFC2 engine compared to SFC1 and to other "space" games?

I like the new engine especially compared to the first one. what they have added to it has greatly improved the game in my opinion, there are a lot of enhancements that really help. as for comparing it to other games, there aren't many that are like SFC, but id definitely have to say that its tops all of the space strategy combat sims I've seen.

So, why the name Moonraker?

hehe, this is a good one... I've always had a certain liking for the name, I'm a fan of the best secret agent 007. and when I first started online gaming it was used as  my handle, and eventually stuck with me. so since then I've used it for everything,  people are always asking me why I have the name, so there's your answer 

How do you feel SFB is being represented in the SFC universe?

well, I don't claim to be an SFB expert (SFB guys don't get mad at me) but from what i  have learned from others who id consider very knowledgeable about SFB, i think that its  represented quite well in SFC, it has the main part of the SFB playfield there, with its  own new twist, and I personally think that's a good thing.

Me too!
so you mentioned online gaming, what other games do you play?

well I started playing online games a while back, I was doing NASCAR, Starfleet Academy, Railroad Tycoon, many different ones. I covered a lot of games back then, id have to say  that SFC focused me on space sims, since id always liked trek as a show, and always enjoyed spacecraft, I became interested in nothing but space sims.

Earlier, you mentioned your upcoming releases with Newships, the Original Series Kzinti. Do you prefer the TOS versions of Star Trek models?

oh yea, my main interest is on the TOS and 1-6 movie eras, I just like everything  about those craft. TOS especially, I was just always disappointed with how little they  actually showed those great ships.

So, how did Ds9's "Trial and Tribulations" make you feel?

oh I really liked that ep. and I really liked the ship reproduction of the original  enterprise. for anything TNG, I always like it when they revisit the older eras in their  time travel plots.

Your latest model "glimpses", images released on the Taldren Forums, are beautiful!  Do you feel that your time spent away from SFC (Working on KA, right?) helped hone your already  excellent skills?

most definitely, at first my mods of SFC were done a lot different, and almost  required no real modeling by myself, it was mostly HEX code replacements and such,  getting into KA gave me more experience actually building models, since it uses native  Lightwave objects for its ships. I always said id come back once the second 
installment of SFC came out, and I came back ready to make a lot of new things

From a gamers point of view, which do you prefer, KA or SFC?

I think that depends on what kind of gaming you are looking for. I like SFC cause it 
makes me feel like a real captain that has to make all these decisions based on the 
starship I'm in command of. while in KA I feel like a pilot who has to know how to fly his 
ship well. its just depends on who you want to be that day.

So, what are the timelines in regards to Newships new releases? Will it be set up in 
".exe" format again?
I really enjoyed the simplicity of installing the old Newships mods.

I'm not sure on the timelines to the new packs, but we are getting our staff together and like I said will have the TOS packages out, including all the best SFB races. also my current models will be released with their own specs and backgrounds at a later time. there will be all the advanced features in the Newships lineup, including those easy to install exe packages.

Will you at Newships also be reworking the textures within the game?

most likely, that was always my job there, but I do have two others that are applying to work with the modeling, so ill probably have time to do some good ole texture editing.

Kewl. What are your goals for the future of Moonraker and Newships?

to get things done! lol, always a problem is time... and getting things finished. 
my goals for each are to keep making the best possible mods for the gaming community, 
we aren't going to be limited to just SFC and have a planned expansion into other games.
I meant to say 'we have a planned expansion into other games.'

-Note: When asked to further expand on that, ~Mrkr~  confessed that this is still an unannounced 
topic ;)

In regards to copyrights... how does it make you feel when you see another modeler using your ships as a foundation
for their own models? Does "kit bashing" make you twinge?

no, I'm not overprotective of my models, but I ask that if anyone wants to change a lot 
of things and make their own modifications to release that they just tell me and at least 
send me a copy of the material. i don't think that's so much to ask, and I really haven't 
ever had much of a problem with it in the past.

I have noticed that you spend a lot of time in the forums assisting people with questions and advice, very kewl... do you like the 
Taldren Forums... how do you feel about the community? About Taldren?

I go to the forums daily, unless I'm gone or something, but I really enjoy it there, 
and i like to go and see what the community thinks on the many different subjects that 
pass through there. I think its a great way to get feedback and communicate. 

Do you find the time still to play the games? If so, what is your favorite race? 
Favorite class of ship?

oh yea I still play the game a lot, my fav SFC race is feds, but that's always been 
that way for me. fav class is the FBCF nice hull, nice power, and you have to like a 
fed ship with a plasma, you just have to. over all the races though my fav ships are in 
the Lyran fleet...

What, in your own opinion, is the best model you have created?

hmm, its kind of tough to answer, since i really never get completely satisfied 
with them, but I could tell you my favorite one, my New York class DDH, its just one 
mean little design.

heheheh... I have noticed over and over how Modelers become very competitive, do you think that this is a good thing? I wonder sometimes... it seems
to do more damage than good.

I really don't think its good for that to happen, but yes it does happen. really its 
good to try and work together instead of against each other. often times I've found that 
it gives you new ideas and helps the way you make your mods. for instance, if you have 
ever seen some of my very first works, and many people haven't, you'd be surprised at the big changes I've made, and that's all come from working with
others, especially the Newships team

Anything that you would like to add?

ah, yea I would really like to thank everyone who has been so supportive for so long, 
I never would have even kept it up if it hadn't been for the community out there, so 
just my thanks to all of them.

You are an icon in the community, it is awesome to get the chance to talk with you. 
Having worked with Brad and SFB2SFC for so long, I have actually had the opportunity to 
see ALOT of your work. How close to being finished is the Enterprise-B?

well the first version was released not too long ago, and the TNG Lakota refit will be 
along soon.

Where are you currently releasing your models?

my new web location

excellent! Thanks for the time man! I really appreciate you r patience!!!

no prob, I enjoyed it!


Be sure to visit Newships Project where you can find the latest news in Starfleet Command Modeling and Modification.

Currently, the Black Ops Station "Beta" Fleet Command Cruiser is the USS Sorceress ][, an Akira Class FCFS+, and represented by ~Mrkr~'s latest creation...

the USS Akira

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