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Starfleet Command: Inerviews: DarkDrone

By Captain Starkiller for BlackOps Station, 2002-01-28


(Interview conducted over ICQ Instant Messenger and Hotmail)

Starkiller -How long have you been modding for SFC?

I started to mod sfc1.first one I done was retexture of the asteroid from the game with Borg textures
i found online and called it a drone transport ship which at the time seemed so cool to me :)
i also put out 3 packs of untextured ships for sfc1 under the name starfade some people liked them too
so about 2-3 years in total

Starkiller - What other games do you mod for? Favorite?

well right now armada1,armada2 and just started Homeworld modding too favorite game has to be sfc:op
also got plans for bridge commander when it comes out

Starkiller - How long did it take before you felt 'confident' in your abilities as a modeler?

I still don't feel very confident in modeling and texturing I'm always looking for better ways
of doing things and studying pneumonic81,cleeve`s,maggots and others models to see how there do it
this has help me a lot

Starkiller - Who has been the biggest influence on you?

well I have to say maggot I loved his ships from the start always on the lookout for new ships off him
also zorg I been watching his ships for weeks pulling them apart to see how he does them I think his work is great
I really love to see more of both of them :)

Starkiller - Favorite race, era? My guess is Borg ;)

The Borg (ha never had guessed) TNG/VOYAGER

Starkiller - So, why the name DarkDrone? Do you go by any other 'monikers'?

well before joining the Taldren boards my online name was starfade (star=star trek fade=fadeaway song by Oasis)
put it not sound like a good trek name I sent 3 weeks coming up with DarkDrone dark=I like the bad guys in all sci-fi drone=hard one that:)

Starkiller - How do you like your current web host? What happened to the original Unimatrix website?

well has been pretty good with me only once have I had trouble with them when I shutdown the site for a week but apart from that there good
the first Unimatrix was on 50 the site got to big to run on it so I paid for my own domain and space
for the site

Starkiller - Have you played Multiplayer SFC?

only ip to ip with my younger brother not fan of playing online

Starkiller - Star Wars versus Star Trek... which is better in your opinion?

star trek by far

Starkiller - What do you think about the mods that are available for SFC,SFC2, and SFC2OP?

well i have to say there are out of this world i can remember a time when you have to wait a week or 2 for a ship
to come out now there is new ship very day almost :)
with people like
pneumonic81,maggot,cleeve,ghost,hollis.j.wood,WickedZombie45,moonraker,Lord Delekhan, LB, zorg, and other
for ship making
chris jones great mods and sound and textures off Reign1701A

life cant be better than this really :)

Starkiller - Do you have a favorite texture you use for Borg Weaponry?

no i dont

Starkiller - How do you feel about Windows XP?

DarkDrone- i`ve not used it yet my brother runs it on his pc and tells me it great to use

Starkiller - What do you think about the concept of a community shipyards?

if you mean all ships on one site i really don't like that idea at all i like to run my own site myself
a site with link download maybe cool to find what you want i like that
or something like the dominion of modders websites altogether that i like everything in one place and you work on your own part
that good idea

Starkiller - Where are you going now, in what direction, with your modeling? Some of the modelers in the comunity often get work outside the SFC Universe, some go for the higher poly count models and submit to SciFiMeshes... what are you going to be doing over the next year?

well i plan on making my modeling and textures better over the next year so i try and get them the best i can
also projects for armada2(stargate mod i`m working on)and project-armada2 soon as i get the tools for sfc:op
i like to make really high poly models for art as of now i`m just not happy to do any to show off on sfi-fi mesh maybe one day
i also plan to learn to write 3d-plugins for 3dmax so i get the models out of other games in to sfc
this will take me most of this year and next i think to learn
and hoping that there will be a sfc3 coming out:)
also plan on learning photoshop 6 the best i can to get my textures like pneumonic81 textures are his textures are so dam good(like to do them as good as rick one day i wish)

Starkiller - Netscape or Internet Explorer...or... AOL?


Starkiller - What computer do you use, what are the specs? Fave programs?

p3 600 mhz
650mbs ram
voodoo 3 (i know i need a better one)
2 hds 20gb and 13gb
zip drive
cable modem :)

fave programs have to be

3dmax 4
photoshop 6
frontpage 2001
3D Exploration (modders dream come true)

Starkiller - Favorite Fed Registry font?

dont really mind on this one

Starkiller - So, whatcha working on right now?

DarkDrone- new klingon design late tng

Starkiller - Cruiser?

DarkDrone- dont know got a cruiser style

DarkDrone- destroyer maybe

Starkiller - kewl...
So, are you a Trekkie? Do you attend
conventions and stuff?

DarkDrone- no i dont go that far just playing the games
and watching the shows

Starkiller - What is your reason for modeling, doing all
this kewl stuff for free :D?

DarkDrone- always liked the ships and have always wanted
to design my own
sfc gives me that chance

Starkiller - got another and can I include these in the

DarkDrone- yeah

Starkiller - What would you recommend to someone, and I bet
this has never happened, someone who asks you
"how can I make a model?"

Starkiller - And I love the image, love the look of it...
very kewl

Starkiller - Sweet looking starbase too! Monster!

DarkDrone- i say to go for it its nothing better than
seeing one of your own ships flying around
ingame it does take alot of work to learn
and i`ve have done small readme files up on
how to do it for one or two people in the past

Starkiller - nice... you ever think about posting those

DarkDrone- not really i got to find the time to do it
step by step with pictures of how its done i
started that last week

Starkiller - so you have a tutorial in progress?

DarkDrone- yes

DarkDrone- it be most on kitbashing and converting ships
from other games to sfc

Starkiller - Very nice. Kitbashing with M6 or 3dStudioMax?

DarkDrone- 3dmax i dont use m6

Starkiller - What is your favorite kind of book to read?

DarkDrone- well last year i started to read the startrek
tos books
which i come to love
but most of the time its horror steven king

Starkiller - Very nice. Have you read Clive Barker or Dean

DarkDrone- one or two of them i really love steven kings

Starkiller - kewl... your fave of his novels? And how do
you feel about the screen translations?

DarkDrone- the films are great i got them all on video :)
the best novel has got to be IT

Starkiller - Favorite Star Trek show?

DarkDrone- voyager not like it when i first seen it till
the borg come into
it in session5 now i watch it all the time

Starkiller - heheh, kewl... Did you see the Dominion Wars?

DarkDrone- yes i seen all of ds9 too i`ve been collecting
all ds9 and voyager on video for some time now

Starkiller - Wow... very cool. You sure you aren't a

DarkDrone- lol maybe just a little :)

Starkiller - hehe... so, what do you want to be when you
grow up?

DarkDrone- well i like to be as good as maggot and p81 at
modeling thats my dream

Starkiller - so you are trying to be a professional game

DarkDrone- well i hope to get into games one day but my
trade is a baker
when i`m working which right now i`m not

Starkiller - A baker? Drone is a bread maker?

Starkiller - Borg Biscuits?

DarkDrone- yes i`ve been baker for 14 years now

DarkDrone- sorry 11 years

Starkiller - Wow... bet your house smells good :-D

Starkiller - Like what? Cakes?

DarkDrone- lol my dads a baker too yes i do the cake side
of things and my dads a bread baker

Starkiller - Heheh... favorite kind of cake?

DarkDrone- i dont like cakes at all working with them
puts you off them

Starkiller - Reason #1 that I do not sell pizza

DarkDrone- lol

Starkiller - How do you feel about coconut...?

DarkDrone- i like coconut fine :)

Starkiller - I HATE coconut on cakes. ;-)

Starkiller - heheheh

Starkiller - Ok... did you go to college?

DarkDrone- yes for 2 years and was working weekends and
hoildays in a bakery to learn my trade

Starkiller - Married?

DarkDrone- no single but i do have girlfrind who i been
with for 6 1/2 years

Starkiller - she like star trek?

DarkDrone- no she hates it

DarkDrone- talk of the devil she just signed in

Starkiller - oh???

Starkiller - you in trouble???

Starkiller - :-P

DarkDrone- no we talk alot online too lol we live two
doors away from each other

Starkiller - very kewl... apts? Be sure to say Hi for
me... ;) She have a web page?? snicker

DarkDrone- yeah she`s got a site too :)

Starkiller - wanna plug it?

DarkDrone- no its family website kind of privete

Starkiller - no prob, we have those here too... My wife and
kids have their own website under my wife's

Starkiller - I understand, not a big deal. Hope you enjoy
doing the web making thing... an art form all
its own ;)

Starkiller - Which leads me to... what program do you
prefer for web page construction?

DarkDrone- yeah i been doing her new layout for hers soon

DarkDrone- FrontPage 2000

Starkiller - nice. You ever try Dreamweaver or CuteHTML?

Starkiller - I use FrontPage too... 2002, or XP. Depends
on when you purchased it.

DarkDrone- no i started with FrontPage so I've never used
anything other than it

Starkiller - oooh... Like the textures on the front. Is
this going to have the Vorcha-style pods?

DarkDrone- yeah i got older copy a money thing

Starkiller - understood. :-D

DarkDrone- dont know yet i do my models as i go

Starkiller - Now, are you modding for SFC2 alone, and
converting ships from the other games to SFC2?
Or do you model both ways?

Starkiller -Seriously. You saved my ass with
those pirate bashes.

Starkiller - I was struggling with M6

Starkiller - Very happy with the new Sorceress though...
she is purty

DarkDrone- well 90% of my modeling is for SFC if the ship
i done is low poly i port it too armada1 and
armada2 also been looking into doing ships for
Homeworld as well

Starkiller - very nice. Which is your favorite of the
OTHER games?

DarkDrone- armada2 is sweet to play put i send most of my
time modeling and playing sfc2:op

Starkiller - kewl. Have you ever played the first person
shooter games? like Quake and Unreal?

Starkiller - or Elite Forces?

DarkDrone- I've played elite forces on the pc and quake3
on the dream cast

Starkiller - heheh... you haven't really played q3 yet...
controls are frustrating on DC compared to the
PC, imo :D

DarkDrone- i find it easier myself

Starkiller - Kewl.
No online? Or does it have online support?

DarkDrone- best game for dc is crazy taxi2
yes online too with it

Starkiller - heheh... Have you seen Lord Of The Rings yet?

DarkDrone- not yet we going to see it soon

Starkiller - What is the online community, if any, like for
the Dreamcast?

Starkiller - YOU BETTER GO SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Starkiller - I mean... heheheh.... its a good movie.

DarkDrone- i don't follow the dc online at all

DarkDrone- lol

Starkiller - Heheh... what do you think of the Borg's
future... do you think the have the staying
power to continue being an enemy of the
Federation and the rest of the Alpha Quad?

DarkDrone- yes i do they comeback some how after the end
of voyager they always to :D

Starkiller - Have you read any of the Borg "Late TNG"
fiction in the Fan Fiction Forums?

DarkDrone- no i have not sorry to say have to one day

Starkiller - Freespace2... what's your opinion of that kind
of game?

Starkiller - I LOVED IT. FYI.

Starkiller - and wing commander.

DarkDrone- I've only played it hand full of times not
really my type of game
i just love the ships from it that's why i got
to do them for SFC

Starkiller - So, did KA do anything for you?

DarkDrone- wing commander is totally cool I've played them

DarkDrone- ka was a joke to me great ships bad game

Starkiller - Mark Hamill did a kick ass job, in my opinion,
when he acted in the Wing Commander game

Starkiller - Heheh... a joke... a freaking lot of cds for a
joke :D

DarkDrone- yeah 6 the film was good

Starkiller - I got distracted near the Fed/Klingon border,
haven't played it since... should try the mods,
but haven't really found the time.

Starkiller - So, you saw the WC movie? You liked it?

DarkDrone- yeah seen it and loved it

Starkiller - excellent.

Starkiller - ok, last question...
What would you tell a person who has the game
about the forums at Taldren?

Starkiller - Good, bad, or a necessity?

Starkiller - Would you recommend any other forums?

DarkDrone- Taldren is the best forum around i check the
boards about 3 times a day i tell all my
friends to go there whenever we are getting
new ships for the game

Starkiller - what about, as a modeler, when people dont
bump or comment?

DarkDrone- it can get to you sometimes when you worked
your ass off on a model and you get 3 replies
to it but at the end of the day I'm doing this
for my game and i like to show off my work
and hope people will use it too

well the best i have to say was the first time i post my work of Unimatrix-zero very one on the board posted replies to it
i was over the moon that the top modelers where replying to my post that was a great day

also xmas just gone i had e-mail thanking me for the ships i had build over the year and the new stargate ships
this meant a lot to me :)

the worst well this a week or two ago i posted a high poly version of my asgard ship from stargate some of the best work
I've done to date with my own textures and mesh and i got 2 replies on it i was most p***** o** about that
its at times like this i feel like stopping posting stuff altogether then i say to myself remember u making it for yourself DarkDrone
and i get back to work on a new ship as i know some people do like stargate to:)

Starkiller - Do you have any opinions of Gamespy?

not really i don't use it much

Starkiller - ok, man... thanks for the chat(s)

DarkDrone- np at all

Starkiller - appreciate your answers... sound honest :D
Despite what Wicked says about you... j/k :-D

DarkDrone- lol i know wz myself

Starkiller - oh, and thanks for helping out with hosting
Hollis... kick ass job at wraith works too!

DarkDrone- thx he`s great guy

Starkiller - Any one else, or any web sites you wanna plug?

DarkDrone- zorg really he`s a great modeler

Starkiller - Zorg Space?

DarkDrone- yeah

Starkiller - got a link for him?

DarkDrone- oh and THE STATION-Kane Anuenue my new site
at unimatrix one
for b5

Starkiller - kewl, both on your page... nice... I will add
the pics too...


DarkDrone- zorg cardassians have been great build my
cardassian force`s right up :)

DarkDrone- not at the top zorg got his own site

Starkiller - kewl... ok man, take care... have a good day
and thanks!

DarkDrone- the borg will have it all

Starkiller - Beauty pic too!

DarkDrone- thx see u soon

Starkiller - *not gonna happen... *

DarkDrone- yes it is :D

Starkiller - the borg thing... read the fan fiction... I
will send you links or post them in the
interview... they KICK ASS... nano probes and


DarkDrone- thx

Starkiller - The USS Excalibur... borg smashing goodness :D

Starkiller - laterz

DarkDrone- cya

=/\= You can see more of Dark Drone's Work In Progress featured above, just follow the Taldren Forum Link below =/\=

and visit UNIMATRIX ONE at

=/\= PEACE =/\=


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