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    Mission Name: X-Ships
    Created By: Roger Bacon
    Download X-Ships

    Reviewed By: MaxOMan523 On: 02/23/00
    Many of Roger Bacon's various custom scenarios start with a good idea and expand upon it quite nicely, and this mission is no different. X-ship is a winner...and it's a lot of fun to play. For those of you that like the firepower of a DNH yet wish you could still maneuver like a DD, here is your wish.

    SFB players are well aware of what an X-ship is, but those non-SFBers are really in for a treat with this new mission. I found the modified Romulan KRCS with its type-R plasmas that recharge at high speed to be a great ride. The ship zips around with the excellent turn mode afforded a Klingon-design cruiser, yet packs a powerful punch! Almost too powerful (a little aside that those of you that like your skirmishes to lean toward the "easy win" side will enjoy). The first time I played the scenario was on the Commodore level, and I won it with nary an internal hit placed upon my X-ship (opponents were Gorn). [And despite the readme.txt file warning that the scenario has a tendency to crash the first time, I didn't experience a crash--maybe just lucky?] Anyway, I played the mission again to test my merit (this time against Federation ships) and again won quite handily. Next I played on the Admiral level, and although I still won, it was a much closer fight and I took considerable damage. Maybe this means the scenario is a little too easy, or maybe I'm a natural at fighting an X-ship-----if you picked the first option, you're more likely to be correct.

    I very much enjoyed the scenario and would recommend it, as it is definitely fun and the idea is original. (Note to Roger: Please make more versions with the other races!) Since the enemy ships won't fire on you until you fire or one of your support ships is destroyed (as per the readme file), I would recommend repairing both your type-R torps BEFORE you fire, thereby giving you the time needed to get your X-ship "fully" operational before jumping into combat (your engines will take a little longer to fully repair).

    I give the scenario a 9.5 out of 10, and promise a 10 out of 10 once Roger makes a Gorn X-ship version!

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