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    Mission Name: When to Say When!
    Created By: Jim
    Download When to Say When

    Reviewed By: Kelly Parish On: 11/30/99
    I tend to agree with Kire. I was smart too and once I found that the initial ships were not between me and my goal, I just went hell bent for leather to retrieve both the legendary officers, headed for a border (knocked off 2 ships to that point - I LIKE Klingon D5L's !) and hung around there until I was getting pretty beat up and surrounded. I then crossed the border.

    I had opted for a legendary weapons officer just prior to this mission - so the additional one was a waste, but cool idea none the less. If the enemy ships could be started closer to the planets to make it more difficult to get to, I thinks that might toughen it up. Or an asteroid belt that slows you down with debris.

    Nice change though, I liked it! One of the few I'd like to try again to see how long I can hold out <g>!

    Reviewed By: Kire Pheonix On: 11/29/99
    I found this mission to be fun to play, and difficult to win unless you focus only on the stated goal to the exclusion of everything else. However, I feel the reward of TWO Legendary officers is too high (that's 400 points if you trade them in!) for the challenge of retrieving them. I feel guilty retrieving them.

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