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    Mission Name: Save the Hood
    Created By: Jim
    Download Save the Hood

    Reviewed By: Robin On: 12/10/99
    This mission was written by Jim, of the Andromedan Termination League.
    This is a historical mission, reminiscent of the great naval battles of WW2.
    A Klingon fleet of 3 cruisers ambushes a Federation Heavy cruiser in the rings of a planet, but little do they realise that their secret has been compromised by Fed intelligence.

    Your mission is to fly the Hood, the Fed Heavy Cruiser, and turn the tables on the attackers. It's possible to win this scenario, but it is not easy! At the start, the biggest Klingon closed to attack range, while the other 2 maneuvered in from around the planet. You have a limited time to dispose of your enemy before his reinforcements arrive. If you fail to do so, it's best to try to escape at full warp!

    Terrain is well laid out, with some asteroids close by.The Hood has a single scatterpack, which can turn the tables on an unsuspecting enemy.After the first volley of overloaded Photons, you will find yourself hard pressed to recharge the main weapons, as the enemies close in. It's a good test of your tactical ability, but I'd suggest trying it at Captain level at first. Keep your speed up, and good luck!

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