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    Community Mission Reviews Send us Your Review!

    Mission Name: Invasion!
    Created By: Roger Bacon
    Download Invasion!

    Reviewed By: MaxOMan523 On: 11/30/99
    In this mission your ships (plus a host of other AI ships at your disposal) are sent to capture a mining planet that is surrounded by a minefield that will damage your ship if you fly at high speeds. Apparently this mining planet is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT because as you'll find it is defended by a veritable armada of enemy ships.

    This is one of those missions that I would call "Missions: Impossible". Certainly the mission is not impossible, but I have yet to be able to successfully complete it. (In fact I haven't really even come close.) But that in itself is not really why I don't care for the mission (after all, better caliber players than I will certainly be able to succeed where I have failed). My biggest complaint is that the defending ships tend to all be drone ships, especially when the Klingons are the defending race. I have yet to be able to fend off a group of 5 D6Ds barrelling in on me from one flank while another 5 D6Ds arrive from the other flank. (In addition to finding this grouping of ships frustrating, I also find it to be unrealistic.)

    I rate this mission as a 6 out of 10 for the great challenge it presents to the gamer (but only a 4 out of 10 for the challenge it presents to my frustration level). :-)

    Reviewed By: Kire Pheonix On: 11/29/99
    I've just about had it with this one. The concept is cool, and the scenario is difficult, but I've never succeeded. Note: I've only played this as a Romulon. The initial set-up is plenty challenging, with your fleet against the larger drone-heavy enemy fleet. If you survive that initial fight long enough to get to the planet, you are attacked by the BACON mines. Nice touch, and interesting. However, I have a major gripe with the BACON mines. Once I capture the planet, which controls those mines, they continue to attack MY SHIPS, not the ENEMY ships.

    I have some additional gripes with this mission. The reinforcements. How many times will reinforcements arrive? I've never reached the end of them, but I HAVE had a whole fleet of reinforcements materialize right on top of me, in the middle of the play area. For future reference: A whole fleet of drone-ship reinforcements should NEVER appear right on top of the player in the MIDDLE of the play area. To be fair, they should appear on one of the borders and be required to fly to the engagement zone. I was extraordinarily frustrated after having destroyed the original enemy ships (with moderate damage to myself), and engaged the K10B which showed up as a reinforcement, when suddenly another 6? K7Ds appeared out of nowhere only range 5 away!

    I applaud the attempt, but the execution of this mission needs some reworking. It's quite challenging, and worth playing, but I feel cheated when seemingly endless supplies of enemy ships appear from nowhere at point-blank range, and unfairly blow me out of space.

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